It’s Official!

By now, I assume most have seen the news out of AQMD regarding The 6th Floor and The Mapzone. As I mentioned a few days back I contacted Death Magnet to become “involved” with AQMD. So after some discussion and numerous emails, I will now represent AQMD with official Action Quake Reviews. What does this mean to you? Nothing much, you will still get the same high quality of reviews and a regular basis, along with news and interviews. I really did want to step in and work on AQMD, but I realized I did not know enough programming to be successful. This arrangement should work out great for all parties involved. You will probably see a few updates by me on AQMD, and I usually frequent the forum on a regular basis, although I don’t know the first thing about mapping. Maybe I should learn. Also, as some of you may noticed, I forgot to upload the Lava tube review yesterday, only I realized this last night around midnight when I was already at work. More later today!

New Maps&What’s Going On

We have some new maps that have been stamped with the “official” seal of approval from AQMD. They include: Civil War by Hammer, The Dock Yard by KaRRiLLioN, The Frag Harbour by Blownup, The Military Depot by Clan MIA, Mantidoba’s Playground by Mantidoba, Village by Zotud and Fragging ‘n Lagging in a Winter Wonderland by PacMan. I have had a chance to check all of these maps except Civil War. Should have some new screenies up for you in a bit. Bigger news out of AQMD, Death Magnet is going to be resigning as the big kahuna from AQMD, due to work, but will still be involved in the Swoosh testing? Sounds like they are looking for a replacement on a full time or interim basis. Do you have what it takes? Still no word on the bot, maybe later today, keep your eyes peeled on CGF.