Guess I must give Greg in SoCal some props for reintroducing me to Skype this last week. I knew it existed and had used it previous when I hosted my radio show, allowing people to “call in” to the show. It seems this new version is much improved and with the Logitech 9000, it makes for a very solid package.

Greg and I talked Tuesday and Wednesday and I was taken back with the clarity of the picture. Very little delay or lag when talking to him. Of course he had a few issues when he was on his game PC, his image was a bit degraded and there were some latency issues. Nothing that really cased too many issues and most of them cleared up within seconds.

I got my parents in San Diego to install it on the Mac laptop yesterday. Now they are somewhat behind the technology curve. Facebook is a completely new experience for my mom, while dad is pretty much up to terms when it comes to technology. So thankfully they had no problems installing and using the application.

This will now give them the chance to see their grandson more often. That is if I can tear him away from “Mars.” No, not the planet, the video game. You might know it as MarioKart for the Nintendo Wii. That is what is calls Mario. Regardless he likes being in front of the camera and although he wanted to get back to his game, he did say hello and talk to his grandparents.

Now to get my sister connected and using Skype. If you use the application, e-mail me and I’ll look at adding you.

One Down

Yes, today school official started for my son. Yeah it’s still pre-schoool but we are going to make an attempt to get his lil butt into school 4 days a week. I guess if I want Tuesday and Wednesday off I will be the one taking him to school.

This gave me time to get some work done around the house. I cleaned up the mower and mowed the backyard, as well as picking out that nagging crab grass in the front yard. What a pain in the ass. I also hosed off the back patio and generally clean things up.

I also had time to get the web cam back online. I decided to pick up a new camera today after talking to my buddy Greg in SoCal. I told me of a good deal at Staples on the Logitech 9000. So I bought one and just got it installed and it is now online, live everyday.

Video will still be shown during contests using Camstreams but daily images will be recorded with the web cam using WebCam32, an older application but one that still works well.