One Step Closer?

I just walked inside from fetching the mail with my son. I drop him in his jumper and turn on Leap the Frog and thumb through the mail. There in a white envelope, with black and blue letters a response from BART. I hesitated again to open the letter for fear of failure. Yeah I still feel like the interview did not go as well as I intended it to, but that is something I have to live with now since it is over. I held it up to the light for a moment and then decided to open it.I actually told my wife last night, “if I don’t get the job, I am drowning my sorrows in a bottle of alcohol.” Yeah, I know that would get me nowhere and accomplish nothing, but this job is so important to me, my health and most of all our family. This is security! This is a great company, one I want to spend the rest of my working years with, especially with a person like Paula, whom I have the world to thank for helping me get this far.Okay, back to the letter, so I tear open the end and like Charlie in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, I slowly slide the letter out and fold by fold open it. The top fold did not reveal any information except my name and the date, which was July 24, 2006. So the next fold was the important one. As I slowly unfold it, I see the words, “Congratulations!” That was all I needed, or did I?The letter that followed said that I had been “selected and placed on the elgibility list for the position of Train Controller.” Okay, that’s a good start, right? That list is active for 12 months from the date I stated and that this eligibility list “has been given to the Chief Transportation Officer for further consideration.” Uh, okay? Does that mean there are no active openings or there is yet one more person who needs to approve individuals on this list before being offered a position? *shrugs shoulders* I don’t know? Finally the letter concluded with, “Again, congratulations from the Joint Evaluation Committee.”So gang we are one step closer to a new job and I still have a smile on my face as wide as the Grand Canyon! I did send an email to Paula to see if she could shed any light on this “further consideration.” I do know for a fact there are openings, atleast this is what I was told. I also know there will be further openining later this year. It seems the proverbial cards are finally falling to my advantage. I will keep you abreast of any breaking phone calls offering me the position. I will keep my fingers crossed.