Phew…It’s the Weekend

Not even sure where to begin…I wish this were the official announcement that Urban Terror was being released. LOL, but it’s not. Not yet any way. Urban Radio was canceled for Saturday due to “daddy duties” that would not allow me to juggle a radio show and my son without my wife being home. So instead of providing a half assed show, I decided to hold off complete. Just builds on the anticipation for a release announcement next week.

Believe it or not, I will have a new review for Kush Sports, Major League Baseball 2K7 for the XBox 360 and believe it or not, it will be a positive review. I know those don’t come around this web site very often, but I have been rather impressed with the overall quality of the game play now that I am about 40 games into my season. Still spending some time playing FIFA 2007 as well, just saw they are bringing a UEFA 2006-2007 and Winning Eleven to the 360 as well. Played the demo of WE and thought it was horrid. Jury still out on the UEFA game.

Outside of a few games now and then on the PC, I don’t have time to take a leak! Work has me bogged down, although all three of us, “trainees” passed the 5 hour final exam on Wednesday now have 6 weeks of OJT, applying what we learned. This is actually phase two of the training, which should conclude at the end of April before we move onto the final installment of our training. Been a damn long road already and we are not even learning OUR job yet!

More later, I’m tired…