How Hot is Hell?

The past five days have been in excess of 110F [43C] out our way, a proverbial “heat wave.” It’s funny how the news media makes such a big deal out of adverse weather. You see it, the heavy rains and storm or very hot weather. Last I checked, this IS summer and it IS supposed to be hot. Right? I think its beautiful weather, granted I have not done much work outside that past week, given I have not had a day off since this “heat wave” has begun.

The air conditioning has been going, what seems like, non-stop the past week. I have watched it on a regular basis, received countless e-mails from California ISO regarding energy supply/demand issues. I have tried to make sure we have “conserved” when possible turning off our computers [more on that soon], lights, turning the air conditioning up a few degrees. And if you don’t go outside 78F or 80F downstairs with the ceiling fan turning is comfortable. At least I think so, my wife may have another opinion.

But we have not been without our share of problems, some of them directly related to the heat. While the “rolling blackouts” have been hanging over our head, we have not had any of them to date. There have been momentary outages [like 30 secs], the power clicks off and then comes back on. I know I am stating the obvious, but computers don’t like when this occurs. My server have been struck twice now and I continue to have issues trying to get it restarted. Last week, I had the BSOD with “inaccessible boot device” that required a ‘CHKDSK /F’ command booting to the operating system CD.

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say and a UPS would be wise to own, given my current situation, but I don’t believe it would resolve the issue completely, since I was at work last night when the power tripped twice in about a 45 minute period, so said my wife. I have also been looking at an external HDD, that I could use to back up all the “important files” I have. I have not made a decision quite yet, as I will have to try and get my server back up and running tomorrow.

In Cougar news, I have been offered a deal on a 1970 Cougar Eliminator, Grabber Blue/Black with a 351W and 50,000 miles on the original engine. It is a “steal of a deal” but I need to talk to my wife about it. Obviously, we are still in limbo with the position at BART, which IF we get would really be great! But I cannot wait too long because this deal will not last and any Cougar enthusiast interested in owning a car of that type would snatch it up. That is what I am worried about, a Eliminator in my backyard, for a price I had not excepted to be what I was quoted. But the “voice of reason”, my wife is not as convinced as I. More news on Tuesday about the Eliminator.

As mentioned a moment ago, no update from BART. I was able to fax my dependability calendar two nights ago, which was the last piece of paperwork they requested. And damnit, wouldn’t you know it, May/June was the ONLY blemish on my 11 years at United, I missed a total of 4 days. So that does not make it too happy, since it really does not reflect my true dependability. That is 1 sick day in every 1003 days or as I see it no sick days in 10 years. Both very impressive. The last piece that needs to fall into place, a phone call to my manager, they asked for a name and phone number. I am not sure what sort of information they are going after, but hopefully this manager does not screw me with negative comments about me. I guess we wait and see…

Eliminator Eliminated

It has only been recently I got into the “music car craze” and started restoring a 1968 Mercury Cougar. I did not have much experience working on cars, so everything I do has been a learning experience. There were even times I debating selling the Cougar a quick buck because I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course I would not do anything quite that rash. I keep telling my wife, “with a little paint YOU could even drive it.” Not sure I have convinced her of that quite yet. Gimme some more time.

Now that I am a “Mercury Man” and after months of reading up on this cars, I know what I want to restore…a Cougar Eliminator. Preferably a 1970 Boss Eliminator, but I won’t be quite that picky. A ’69 or ’70 Eliminator would fit the bill. Wouldn’t you know it, there is an offer that presented itself Wednesday. As a regular contributor the Mercury Cougar Forums I received a private message asking if I were still searching for an Eliminator. With a grin from cheek to cheek I answered I was.

After corresponding back and forth we exchanged phone numbers and I will hopefully take a look at the Eliminator this weekend. I do not the overall condition, but have been told it’s, “a ’70 Competition Blue, 4 speed, DSO 84 car!351 C- 4 v. Unrestored original- car in great shape.“Now the challenge…to convince my wife I need this Cougar over the “rustbucket” [her words] that resides in her parking spot in the garage in a rather unrestored, but operable condition. There are ways to swing this deal [given an reasonable price] in our current financial situation. It would require me to sell my current Cougar [approx. $7000] and apply that money to my new purchase. I don’t believe I have that much time. The seller is providing me first crack at the Eliminator before putting it up for sale.

So, I will contact the seller today and talk to him, hopefully get a sense for the condition of the car, a potential price and then with any luck head out to look at it on Sunday. Beyond that, I am not sure what direction this possible sale will turn. I know I can’t convince her of adding another Cougar to the collection. And to be honest, we don’t have room. But I do think I would need to sell first, buy later. I don’t think I have that sort of time for this potential sale.