Netzwerk Terror LAN: A Look Back

Holy shit, I must be coming down with an illness as I post back-to-back Gaming pieces on T6F. I happened upon our old LAN web site by mistake. I can’t even remember what I was looking for or how I stumbled upon it. But using the “way back machine” I was able to find much of our old LAN news from Netzwerk Terror.

This WAS a time when gaming was enjoyable and the games were still worth a shit, unlike now. Quakeworld, Quake and Quake 2, as well as some wonderful mods for Quake 2 including CTF, Rocket Arena, Action Quake and Chaos-Mod, just to name a few. Who can forget the hours of pre-LAN racing using the latest and greatest pirated software courtesy of dEucE or Dr. Frag.

I see my first LAN event was dated “11.21.98” and took a fourth place finish the next week in the 2nd (monthly) NT Quake II Tournament. Good friends. Good gaming. And good grog! Of course as things go, the LAN eventually moved out of the one bedroom apartment, where we crammed 24 games into the bedroom, living room and kitchen to Tony’s PC Parlor that could hold at least twice as many gamers and a $10 fee was introduced to help offset renting the room for the weekend. Although Mimi and dEucE would always accept donations on a weekly basis.

Things started to go downhill at this point. The gaming had moved on post-Quake 2 and Quake III: Arena was not all it was cracked up to bed. The game mods were not as enjoyable as their predecessors in Quake 2. Not sure why. Maybe it was just bound to change as newer technology and pretty graphics replaced solid game play. Sorry, but the game play for Quake III was shit. Q2 had much better playability.

Why dwell on the past? Oh yeah, that was when games had game play and were not just a fancy box with a hefty price tag and pretty graphics. Guess it was better I moved on and decided to retire from any sort of online gaming. Too many changes. I guess some things are better left unchanged.

Oswald Rant: Long Live LAN

I was prompted to write this piece, after reading Pappy-R’s article, From the Hardcore Side: Running a LAN event and being fortunate to attend Beatdown XXI: Sicko de Mayo this past weekend. Give it a read and see if you are not shaking your head in agreement by the end.

After reading all the reviews and hearing about all the fragging, I finally drove my ass south to Costa Mesa, California, home of the “big fuzzy,” PlanetQuake, for Beatdown XXI: Sicko de Mayo. I was not on the guest list to show off my mad skillz, I was there for a higher purpose. This was to be my first Beatdown experience, I would be a virgin no more. As I walked into the old PlanetQuake offices, I did my best American Express one-liner, “Do you know me?” After a few puzzled looks, I was greeted with a smile and hug from PlanetQuake Forums Diva, Cobby and Tech Writer, Love2Play. Both of whom, I knew from the PlanetQuake Forums, but had never met. After exchanging pleasantries, I went in search of fellow Netzwerk Terror Clannies, Dr Frag, a Beatdown regular, Dark Angel, Beatdown XX One-on-One Winner and HuDsoN. NT representing. Rock!

Dr Frag gave me the “grand tour” of the the old PQ offices and pointed out those in charge, like Bastard, Fargo and Tetsuo just to name a few, whom we all own thanks to for continuing to host these events. It was not long after I arrived, that the opening ceremonies commenced, with Bastard outlining the festivities over a bullhorn, and random chants of, “Viva La Beatdown!” Some of the scheduled events included the One-on-One Quake 3 Tournament, the 10,000 Frag Event, Counter-Strike Team Tournament, body shots and an early morning Denny’s run, just to name a few. Sicko De Mayo was tattooed, “old school” since it was only a 26+-hour event and not the weekend long fragfest most attendees are accustomed to.

Most of my time was spent near the check-in table with Cobby, wearing a name tag reading, “I am Cobby’s little bitch [pronounced bi-yach].” Who slapped that name tag on me anyway? Beatdown is not strictly about gaming, it is also about just hanging out, drinking yourself into an oblivion and having a good time. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the entire event, although I did witness some mad skillz as the One-on-One Quake 3 Tournament began, with Dark Angel beginning where he left off from last Beatdown.

It was definitely an experience, one which I look forward to again in the coming months. Beatdown is not unlike the weekly LAN I attend locally in Southern California. After playing with Netzwerk Terror for almost a year and a half, it has become like a religious experience. Devoted gamers gather every Saturday afternoon to begin the 16-hour marathon, in search of a good gaming, good warez and good alcohol! All of which are fulfilled on a weekly basis. While the NT LAN is limited to 18 gamers, due to space, the fragging is always frenzied. NT host and hostess, dEucE and MiMiMeister seem to have perfected the “art of LAN” over the course of a few years, while attracting a core group of skilled gamers who rarely miss a Saturday of gaming.

Like Bastard’s Beatdown, the mainstay of Netzwerk Terror is Quake 3: Arena. Each month, we hold the NT Quake 3 One-on-One Tournament, in which the winning fragger gets a one-of-a-kind NT Tourney sticker based on the tournament theme, courtesy of OverKill. In between tourney night, gaming is brought to life with multi-colored railgun trails from Instagib and the bedroom team trying to put the smack down on the living room team in Capture the Flag. On occasions, we “kick it old school” and go retro with Quake 2 mods such as Action Quake 2, Rocket Arena 2, and Qpong.

What makes a LAN such an experience? Is it the interaction with other gamers? The non-existent ping? The pr0n? It’s really a combination of factors, which brings out unique characteristics of a LAN, while the underlying theme is the same. Long hours of uninterrupted gaming and good friends are two characteristics, which makes any LAN a success. If you have never had the opportunity to attend a LAN in your area, or make it to SoCal to “experience” a Beatdown, then you do not know what you are missing. You definitely need to get off that ass of yours and find a LAN near you. You will find it difficult to go back to gaming over the Internet. Especially if you are like me and relegated to use an archaic 56k modem.

As for Beatdown XXI, it raged on through the early hours and well into Saturday. Next time, I will be able to take in the entire Beatdown “experience,” in what has become known as the, “Mother of all LANs.” I met many skilled gamers and friendly staff members from GameSpy Industries. I just wanted to give a big “thank you” to people like Bastard and dEucE for continuing to arrange and host these LAN parties we have all grown to enjoy.

Long live LAN!

Welcome Back Map Zone

It is good to hear that Shagg has The Mapzone up and running again, but this time around, it is strictly unofficial maps, due to circumstances set forth by the administrators of the host site. He is also looking for help, if you know basic html and can work Dreamweaver, email Shagg. Remeber to do your part and download a test map or two and then complete the simple questionnaire, this will hopefully speed up the review and testing process, giving map authors quicker feedback and you players new maps on a regular basis. I know I mentioned this a few days back, but on the main page, you will see a small area, which seems to be missing some graphics. By clicking on this area, you can instantaneously download the Q2plugin, which will give up real time information on the 6th Floor Action Quake teamplay server, hosted by Dr. Frag and myself. The IP address is, and we are still working on a current map rotations.

Update Today!

I finally had the opportunity to finish the Subway99 review by T.T.I., author of Subway 1/2. I also received an early version of the map I spoke about this morning by Squirrel called ‘The Hunt for the HUGE Diamond.’ I had a chance to download the early stages of this maps creation, and it looks like it is going to be a great map! More on that when we see how it is progressing. Word comes from [20ID]God Incarnate, that

Lighthouse2 is almost done! I’m putting it through beta testing with my clan right now. I’m sorry to say it isn’t vastly different from the original, but I have not had much time to work on maps lately.

He is even considering converting the map to Action Half-Life. Dr. Frag and I are slowly working on the AQ2 server, but depending on the success of AHL, may be put on hold. I’ll release the address after we determine what we are going to do with it. The server is called 6th Floor Action Quake 2 Server.

Let Me Serve You

Since I will be working 18 hours on Monday, I will not have time for an update, so I will give you a double dose today. There is a good possiblity that myself, along with Dr Frag, a member of [NT] and long time Planetquake Beatdown attendee may be starting an Action Quake 2 server in the SoCal area. Dr. Frag’s bandwidth is increasing next week, and as he told me, “Well, we’ll have to do some testing to see if it can handle the traffic. But we can do map of the week stuff and teamplay things. Whatever floats our boat.” We have only had preliminary discussions about this, I am sure by week’s end, maybe sooner we will have more to share with you.