Security Concerns

I read many of the comments before jumping in an reading the entire story from the UK Sun regarding the lack of security surrounding London’s Olympic Park. The story, which is quickly turning into a scandal has images and video footage of a construction working transporting a fake bomb through security checkpoints and inside Olympic […]

Reporting Overkill: MSM

Just how quickly can the mainstream media create a scare? Check out the latest headlines from the Drudge Report: Sen. Schumer Calls For Amtrak ‘Do Not Ride’ List… Two tunnel ‘breaches’ cause scare in NYC… SUV ‘bomb’ scare … Threats Divert Planes in Three Separate Incidents… Passengers, flight crew subdue man banging on cockpit door… […]

Have you been violated today?

I guess a day does not go by that the U.S. moves a step closer to a police state. The creation of the DHS was just the initial move after the government sponsored terrorism that struck Washington D.C. and  New York City. “Big Brother” along with “Big Sis” are just trying to make you “more […]

Terror Scare or Honest Mistake?

Out of JFK comes a story of overreaction. It’s really no surprise given Big Sis’s “See Something. Say Something.” campaign the current state of heightened alert, then again I think since 9-11 the status has never been decreased. So I guess we are safer now than 9-11 *sarcasm*. Not really, Napalitano just needs the reassurance […]

TSA = Joke

Here we go again! Is the traveling air public for more knee jerk reactions from a supposed “security agency?” The TSA still remains as nothing more than a glorified security company under the control of the US Government. Rest assured, if the government wanted to commit an act of air terrorism, it would happen. And […]