Junior TSA: A New Low!

If it’s not enough that the TSA is molesting children on a daily basis as parents (usually) stand by idle, accepting the fact that their child might be a terrorist and as such accept the process in place that allegedly makes air travel safer. While I can’t confirm when the program started the TSA is now indoctrinating children with yellow stickers a as “Junior TSA Agent.” As of late 2010, stickers were still being made to younger (ages 4-7?) travelers while waiting to show your papers and go through security. I have found references going back to these stickers being available since 2006. Airports such as DEN, SFO and LAX been confirmed locations of these sticker sightings.


Less Not More

Here we go again. Yet another threat to airline security that the U.S. Government (DHS/TSA) will make top priority in order to take away more of your freedoms in the name of security. “Travelers may find themselves subjected to more scrutiny when flying in the heart of summer vacation season, especially to the U.S. from abroad” (source). In a memo sent to security officials, the “tactic” is called body packing. Officials say this could have “possible terrorist implications.”

Possible? So our the official statement from our government is suspect at best. There is no hard information or known cases in the U.S. where a suspected terrorist has explosives surgically implanted with the intent to blow up an airline. “People-scanning machines in airports aren’t able to detect explosives hidden inside humans” (source). This will be another round of the TSA/DHS vs The People when it comes to just how many freedoms we are willing to give up in order to travel.

It will give manufacturers of  scanning machines more contracts and more money in order to develop a next generation machine that not only scans what’s under your clothes but what is possibly implanted in your body. I am sure Mike Chertoff will benefit from yet another contract with the U.S. Government.

With the increase in security at check points it’s becoming nearly impossible to travel with any sort of carry-ons. You are limited in the amount of any substance you can carry through security. You are still not allow to bring many items, once common into a sterile corridor (terminal) and onto an airplane. Even bottles of water are not allowed due to the fact they could contain a liquid explosive.

Due to the significant advances in global aviation security in recent years, terrorist groups have repeatedly and publicly indicated interest in pursuing ways to further conceal explosives,” TSA spokesman Nick Kimball said, adding that passengers flying into the U.S. may notice additional security (source). Additional security is NOT needed! Less intrusive procedures are needed, not more enhanced techniques to allegedly deter terrorists from down commercial airliners were explosives.

This is just another potential “false flag” being hoisted by the alphabet agencies and the U.S. Government. In the end the level of security at airports will not be better, but remain much the same. More “interaction” between agents and passengers will result in more outcries of injustice, more videos on YouTube and more articles about how we are being treated like terrorists. All in the name of security, just to fly.

News source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=14007673

Ban Texas?

Texas bigger than the Federal government? Unfortunately not. While many good things have come from Texas, it seems they are being grabbed by the bootstraps this time in regards to H.R. 1937. This piece of legislation provision “would thus criminalize searches that are required under federal regulations in order to ensure the safety of the American public.” Because as we are being led to believe molestation and groping works.

I believe no matter how the Feds or attorneys spin this, Texas is in a no win situation. Even if the bill is passed “the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statute. Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passengers and cr ew.

I will continue to pull for the great state of Texas, but I don’t believe state leaders could possibly continue down this road if it were going to jeopardize thousands of people who nt only work for the airlines and airports, minus the thousands in the “make-work” program but all the revenue that would be lost because of infrastructure that supports air travel.

You can read the article at The Lone Star Report.


**update** This bill is dead, it seems the strong arming by the Department of Justice the above mentioned letter had a hand in how this played out in the state of Texas. Too bad some senators back down in voting for this legislation. I guess a government for the people, by the people is something that has been lost long ago.

TSA Failure at MSP

Funny how the TSA turns a miscommunication (read their error) into a positive at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on last Thursday (read story). Why a positive, because the agent of the “make-work” program actual did their job and detected a fake bomb in a suitcase being used as part of a “routine drill.” Unfortunately, the TSA failed to tell the local police. “Airport spokesman Pat Hogan said the good news is that the bomb was detected and the security precautions at the airport worked.”

I recall pre 9-11 when I all management employees (supervisor level) had to go through “training” for 6 weeks. As part of that training, we had a woman at United Airlines, who involved in airline security. She provided us training on using the x-ray machines and explosive trace-detection portal machines. Not sure this training as as “intense” as the rent-a-cops who staffed security checkpoints, but learning how to interpret what the image was on the x-ray machine was interesting.

This training was required as part of the job description for supervisor, to be trained as a Ground Security Coordinator (GSC). Part of those duties were also to “oversee” security checkpoints, one place I did not want to be. I still recall my only duty was to tell a family their Mylar, Mickey Mouse balloon could not come through the checkpoint. Talk about ridiculous! Allegedly I was keeping the airline safe and the concourse sterile.

Needless to say after this “formal” training I was nowhere near prepared, as an airline supervisor to be overseeing any security checkpoint. The GSC was nothing more than an acronym attached to the position due to the sensitivity nature of the job. I made many security type decisions, sometimes unilaterally and other times consulting other individuals or departments.

Unfortunately the dog and pony show known as the TSA has not made air travel any safer. Sure they can point to their track record since 9-11, as there have been no hijacking or terrorist attacks. Yet it’s not the TSA who has been deterring these thwarts attempts on aviation security. So continue to the with smoke and mirrors, make sure your grope, fondle and molest air travelers in the name of security.

A Pilot Speaks Up!

In what I have been saying for a few years now, a commercial airline pilot has come out and voiced his opinion about the window dressing that is the TSA. “ExpressJet Airlines first officer Michael Roberts was chosen for the X-ray scan Friday at Memphis International Airport. The Houston-based pilot says he also refused a pat-down and went home,” the story reports.

I completely agree with his actions and response, calling the TSA, a “make-work” program. All one has to do is go to any airport too see (some) private security companies sworn in as Federal employees. And THESE people are protecting air travelers? Sorry, I don’t buy it now and I never bought it when they took Federal control of the airport security.

While I agree flight crews (and airline employees) should go through security, they should not be “randomly” selected for secondary screening. Call it selective if you may, but these are the men and women who keep travelers moving safely through our air system.

All it will take is another 9-11 type event for US Government to reassess WHY the TSA program is nothing more than a “make-work” program and has not improved security throughout US airports. It has done one thing, make the process of getting through security more complicated.