Medal of Honor

While working as a caster for the Team Sportscast Network, I was approached by management to provide coverage for Medal of Honor Allied Assault. It was a game that was previously covered by TsN, but in 2003 it was considered “out of favor” with the inception of Return to Castle Wolfenstein in 2001. When the Medal of Honor Online Invitational League (MoHOIL) approached TsN, we had no dedicated coverage of the game. With my knowledge and work with Urban Terror I decided to fill the position and expand my online gaming experience and enter World War II.

I don’t have much documented when it comes to MoHOIL but I was in constant communication with the league admin, Thor prior to going live with MOHAA coverage. But the response from the MOHAA community in this league was amazing! Coverage started during Season 2, Week 8 through the playoffs. We returned the following year for spotty coverage. There is no indication as to what happened to the league, but contact was lost and MOHAA coverage ceased after our match on August 5, 2003.

Nearly 2 years later, providing coverage for Radio iTG, Medal of Honor Allied Assault returned to the airwaves with coverage from ClanBase. On December 29, 2005 I reentered the war effort on the Benelux Ladder, followed by coverage from EuroCup XII playoffs, as well as coverage from the Fall 2005 Open Cup and Nations Cup IX, which was our first video cast of Medal of Honor.

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