Day 8

Weight: 178.9 lbs.

Exercise: Managed my son’s baseball game and threw for 4 innings.

Breakfast: Shredded hash brown potatoes with onion, garlic, black beans, red and green peppers topped with hot sauce and ketchup

Lunch: Dreena’s No-Fu Love Loaf and Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes courtesy of Julie-Marie’s, Plant Purity.

PM Snack: Corn chips, hot out of the oven.

Dinner: Dreena’s No-Fu Love Loaf and Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes courtesy of Julie-Marie’s, Plant Purity.

Midnight Snack: Nutty Nuggets with almond milk.

Synopsis: Leftovers makes the following day so much easier, if you like eating the same food for a day, possibly two. I love it because I have cooked many meals that always have a better flavor if it sits overnight. Salsa is one great example. Unfortunately, the cheezy potatoes don’t reheat very well. That hot, cheesy mixture no longer drips of the layer of potatoes, but the flavor is still very good. Usually meatloaf makes a mean sandwich the following day. The same can be said for the lentil loaf. That is when you follow the instructions and make it correctly. Today, it was very dry, but that was all my fault because of the ingredients I didn’t add.

I started off the morning make a big skillet of shredded has brown potatoes. Figured this would give me breakfast for the net 2 days and allow me to get to lunch without snacking a few hours after eating breakfast. I got somewhat of a later start in the morning and ran errands after I finished eating. By the time I returned home it was nearly lunch time.

I decided to reheat the leftovers from last night. I was somewhat letdown as the potatoes had become like a brick, that I cut square chunks out with a knife and the lentil loaf had dried, which required some more ketchup on top. Still I started eating and my son chased me down wanting lunch. I told him I would make his lunch as soon as I was done with mine, but he said, “let me eat your good food.” So I gave him my plant and he nearly finished what was left and told me it tasted good. Score another point for dad!

It was baseball night and I skipped snacking before the game knowing I had leftovers to come home to. When I got home I heated my son’s dinner up and then went to town on the baked tortilla chips with salsa roja and cheese sauce #2. Damned if I didn’t eat the entire freezer size Ziploc bag of chips! I need to make more of these chips, fat free, baked and very good. The tortillas I am using contain nothing by water, masa and some lime.

Somewhat straying from the topic of feed and going for this reset, I did received my new barbell from Rogue Fitness today. I had hoped to get back into the work out, but opted not to. I also ordered a new Rogue R3 Power Rack, which should be here by Friday! I can hardly contain my excitement! I am stopping my gym membership after April and will have my own gym in my garage. Add to that I have started running, did just over 2 miles my first day and will be looking at 4 miles tomorrow.

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