Day 16

Weight: 180.0

Exercise: Lifted weights for 90 minutes following the Stronglifts program, doing squat, bench press and deadlift.

Breakfast: Hash brown potatoes with onion, green and red bell pepper topped with ketchup and hot sauce.


PM Snack: Baked tortilla chips with verde salsa made from Herdez Salsa Verde and El Pato Tomato Sauce with Jalapeno.

Dinner: Two pieces of Potato Lasagna with a side of white bean and spinach filling.

Midnight Snack: Bowl of shredded wheat with almond milk.

Synopsis: Today was not a good eating day, these seem to happen every so often. This is probably the first time it has been this poor. I had no lunch today but that was by choice. I was up early to get my son off to school, then spent time working in his class. After I was done I had errands to run, needed to pick up some bolts to attached my new power rack to the garage floor so I could use it.

Through out the day I was munching on corn tortilla chips. I am beginning to think this are just as “evil” as hitting up the pantry for a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread. It seems I can never eat just one of two chips, usually going for a handful. Still a much healthier choice than bread but should be grabbing something better to eat.

Thankfully I started off the day with potatoes, which seemed to carry me through the morning and into the early afternoon. After picking up my son and his friend I decided to work out in the power rack. Strength seemed to be good and I wasn’t all that hungry. After lifting weights we had just about 45 minutes before we had to get ready for baseball practice, so another handful of chips and we were off.

I lacked real energy at baseball, as I didn’t have a desire to put up much crap from the kids, especially since their attention span was nil. We knocked off practice a bit early as I had a PTA meeting to attend. My son and I raced home, I dropped him and the equipment off and I was off to school for 2 hours. All I had with me at the meeting was water and I was hungry.

About 730 PM I finally got home, my son still hadn’t been fed, so I had to get him some dinner and while he was eating I reheated the last pieces of my potato lasagna for dinner. I know potatoes are satiating, but I was left hungry. After getting a shower and putting my son to bed I started watching a movie, but required a snack. I didn’t any precooked food ready to be eaten, so I grabbed some shredded wheat with almond milk that seemed to hit the spot.

All in all I was not happy with how today progressed. Lack of planning, no desire to go to the store and just too many things on my agenda. I ate, but I was hungry much of the day. The chips aren’t the answer to curb hunger, but damn they taste so good with salsa roja! Better planning and hopefully I will finish stronger the last days of my potato hack.

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