Day 13

Weight: 179.8

Exercise: Managed my son’s baseball team, pitching all 4 innings. When I got home, I went on a 3.01 mile run in 29 minutes, 58 seconds. I also did 5 reps of incline barbell press.

Breakfast: Small bowl of Nutty Nuggets with almond milk.

Lunch: Two shredded potacos with cabbage, cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja.

PM Snack: Homemade corn tortilla chips with cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja.

Dinner: Two baked potatoes with cheese sauce #2, salsa roja and a verde salsa made from 2 small cans of Herdez Salsa Verde and El Pato Salsa Picate.

Synopsis: Not a bad day overall, I probably should of had lunch before I went on my run as I started to get a bit hungry. I knew that would happen, but I didn’t want to wait around for a few hours to let my food settle. When I got home from baseball, I unpacked my son and truck, stowed the gear and then went running. It was a good run, right along the California Delta. It wasn’t hot either with cloud cover and ran off in the distance. I was hoping to get 3 miles in under 30 minutes, which I just made. My first mile time was good, but I did slow the remainder of the way.

When I was done running and hydrated, I made myself some leftover potacos with the shredded hash brown potatoes I had left. I then topped them with cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja. I was still hungry and once I was done, I moved right into eating some tortilla chips with cheese and salsa.

After running errands and picking up some more grape tomatoes I had planned on making more salsa roja, but spent time playing with my son and by the time I looked at the clock it was already 6PM. I tossed 4 potatoes in the oven and baked for an hour. Once they were done I finished off the cheese sauce and salsa, while making some new salsa, from a recommendation from a friend we had over the night before. I don’t like eating dinner late, so anytime after 5PM is really too late for me when I know I will be in bed by 730PM or 8PM. Yet, time got the better of us and were just getting to bed by 9PM.

Looking at what I ate, it wasn’t enough food for the day, given how much physical activity I experienced. It’s not the first time I have done this during the past 13 days. I was prepared to make a salad but after lunch I had to get some errands accomplished, so I skipped the salad and opted for more Crystal Geyser water to fill the hunger urge.

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