Day 1

Weight: 181.0 lbs.

Exercise: Managed little league practice for my son’s team (6 & 7 year olds) for 90 minutes.

Breakfast: Hash brown potatoes cooked with onion and roasted red pepper topped with ketchup and hot sauce

Lunch: Skipped lunch at noon as I was out running errands with the family and McDonalds is NOT McDougalls.

Snack: Corn relish with sliced sweet potato served with a horseradish mustard. I also finished up the leftover has brown potatoes I made for breakfast with some BBQ sauce on them.

Dinner: Sliced up a potato and made fries, which I baked and served with a curry ketchup. I also baked up 2 sweet potatoes and 3 Russet potatoes. I then took a baked potato, split it open and topped with lentil taco meat (leftovers, courtesy of Happy Herbivore Abroad).

Synopsis: I started my 20 day potato hack on Sunday evening, a meal early starting with some baked hash brown potatoes with Mexican spices on top. Unfortunately I had cooked a few days leading up to this plan and I was caught eating many of the foods I have enjoyed since changing my lifestyle.

Skipping lunch wasn’t what I had intended on doing, but we were out and about and I was not about to make an exception to start this hack. So I held out and when I got home I was quite hungry.

When dinner rolled around I baked 5 potatoes, which included 2 sweet potatoes. Using the mandolin I made fries from one potato, but my wife decided to eat most of them, leaving me scraps. I held out for a baked potato, which I topped with leftover lentil taco meat.

I didn’t snack after I ate dinner, usually on Monday and Tuesday night I can be found eating a bowl of cereal at 9 or 10 PM. The other thing missing from Monday, the beer. I did not buy any, so I have been drinking about 2 liters of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water a day.

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