Day 9

Weight: 192.0 pounds

I still feel very good, maybe because of the diet. I am trying to gauge my energy during the day, it does seem like I have more, but at work I do seem to get tired if I am on a break, reading a book. Still overall I am beginning to have a more positive outlook on my healthy and excited to put together good meals to share with my family and friends. I did fail on any exercise today, at last glimpse of my pedometer I had walked 5833 steps (or 2.76 miles). Still trying to work out a schedule to put in 30-60 minutes a day working out. Guess I should stop playing XBox in the morning.


Bowl of oatmeal with honey
Decaffeinated green tea
Piece of whole wheat oat bread with honey

Bean & fresh herb spread over wheat bread


Veggie Pizza

Daily Synopsis
The day ended great with a wonderful dinner in the veggie pizza, while not really McDougall compliant due to the non-dairy cheese, it was still a very good meal and would have been without the cheese. Even with the inactivity I am still seeing a slow weight loss and the best part, I have not been hungry. Sure my eating habits are great, lucky to get 3 meals in, but I do seem to snack more if I happen to miss breakfast or lunch. It has been better this week as I am finding more recipes with “substance” as my wife calls it to cook, for example the pizza or the Mexican casserole. Thankfully she has started to see some weight loss now.

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