Day 4

Weight: 192.6 pounds

Still have some lingering effects from the head cold that started the weak, thankfully it has not gotten worse, as I feel good. I thought I would see a bit more weight loss, but that has not been the case the past 4 days, still I am not discouraged, as I know it will happen as I continue on eating this way and increasing the exercise. My pedometer tells me I am walking just over 3 miles a day, this includes my 30 minutes while at work, but I would like to increase that number.

Walking 30 minutes

Slice of whole wheat oat bread with honey
Bowl of oatmeal with honey
Decaffeinated green tea

Serving of Couscous salad

Serving of Cucumber Salad with red onion

Potato Enchiladas
Skillet refried beans
Mexican rice

Daily Synopsis
Lunch was pretty much a failure, as I did not bring anything with real substance to eat while at work and decided against grabbing a veggie sandwich at the local deli. Needless to say I was hungry when I got home and finished up some leftovers. Still working on getting some sort of balance in my daily eating habits. I also downloaded an exercise app, Endomondo, which tracks (via GPS) my route and gives me some statistics on my walking. I spent a bit mapping out some routes to maximize my distance. Dinner was great last night, best meal I have prepared, so said my wife.

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