Day 3

Weight: 192.8 pounds

Not feeling well at all. I do believe it’s another head cold that I have caught. I did take some medication during the day to try and stop the runny nose. As the day wore on I felt okay, still seem to have good energy and am able to get around the house and get things done. Unlike yesterday my arms are much more sore and very difficult to bend them due to the lack of exercise

Stationary bike 10 minutes
Walking 30 minutes

Bowl of Potatoes O’Brien with tomato, cilantro and red onion and some ketchup
Decaffeinated green tea

Baked Pita pizza with tomato, carrots and red onion
Serving of Couscous salad
Serving of Three bean salad

Baked Falafel pita sandwich
Serving of Cucumber Salad with red onion
Serving of Three bean salad Rip’s Oil-free Low Fat Hummus (with spinach)

Daily Synopsis
A much better food day, until the first day I have started to eat a bit more. Not quite sure I need a mid-morning snack, but the potatoes were quite hearty, which carried me over to a late lunch. I did find some whole wheat (oil-free) pizza dough, so I might have to give that a try. I also explored Fresh & Easy yesterday and found a great selection of McDougall compliant food! The menu might seem a bit “limited” but I have been trying get my wife, her best friend and aunt to eat the leftovers along with what I make each day. Slowly the menu is being expanded, but it’s not easy to cook for 3 people just being introduced to the McDougall concept.

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