Day 2

Weight: 192.6 pounds

I still feel as if I am battling a small head cold. Took some Nyquil last night and went to bed very early. Got up this morning and the symptoms had subsided a bit with no groggy feeling. My arms a not as sore as I expected them to be after spending 30 minutes rowing yesterday. This morning was the first time my weight had dropped below 193 pounds.

Walking 30 minutes

Slice of whole wheat oat bread
1 1/2 cup oatmeal with cinnamon
Decaffeinated green tea

Cucumber, carrot, lettuce sandwich with bean and fresh herb spread
Serving of Couscous salad
Serving of Three bean salad

Spaghetti with whole grain pasta
Mixed bowl of couscous salad and three bean salad
Two pieces of whole wheat and oat bread

Daily Synopsis
Picked up a pedometer today to measure my distance I walk. After some further reading I will start setting daily goals I want to achieve. I had mentioned to my in-laws we would take them to dinner for a birthday. The establishment of choice, Applebee’s. Let me say, there is NOTHING on their menu that could qualify as “McDougall” but I knew this before we even got their. I did order the tilapia with fresh vegetables. Thankfully they had no fish left, so I didn’t order or eat. Probably all the better.

I know it looks rather boring when I am eating the same salads for dinner that I made for lunch, but they accompanied the pasta just fine. It helped me clean up some of the leftovers, as my wife’s best friend and aunt came back over for dinner today. So 2 days down and 10 to go. Working on creating a few new dishes for Wednesday and Thursday.

As of this posting I had walked 6688 steps (since 12:45pm), which equates to 3.16 miles and have burned 259 calories. I am hoping to set a goal of 10000-15000 steps a day. This number will change when I return to work on Thursday.

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