Day 12

Weight: 193.7 pounds

Health continues to be good and I know it can be better. There are probably a few outstanding issues I want to improve, but given where I am now in the program I am very pleased with the progress to date. Why I have procrastinated on scheduling an appointment with my doctor is beyond me. Maybe I am not sure how I want to explain the outstanding changes or maybe I am a bit fearful of what he will say. No reason I should be, as my healthy as improved significantly since my physical in July, 2011. Adding further aerobic exercise (P90) will only improve my health further, so would could he possibly say that would shed a negative light on the situation? While I haven’t spoke about it much, my bowel movements have improved considerably because of the diet. Usually it’s one smooth, no effort bowel movement a day. No more constipation or effort when on the throne. It’s a great feeling to feel actual “relief” during the day. Food in, food out.

Walking 30 minutes

Couscous salad (using Israeli couscous)
Decaffeinated green tea

Eggplant Lasagna
Three bean salad

Potato Enchilada

Daily Synopsis
The final day…sigh. Thankfully it won’t be missed since I plan on staying this sort of lifestyle. Odd but some things, like meat and oil I don’t miss at all. It was another day of foods we had eaten previously. I know the recipes seemingly repeat for 12 days, but when my wife found a few favorites, I was inclined to make them over and over, thus potato enchiladas…again! Still I am feeling very good about where I am in just less than 3 months (84 days since October 30, 2011). It’s interesting to note some of the “substitutes” that I have been told to use are not great, for example the Daiya Vegan Cheese. While it is labeled as “dairy free there are still 60 calories (6g or 9%) from fat due to the canola, safflower and coconut oil. Replacement yes, but use in moderation. Then again some people would claim ANY food in moderation is okay. I think I have changed that midset and dispelled some of the myths I used to believe.

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