Day 11

Weight: 193.4 pounds

Here we go again with the weight swing, back up goes the weight. I know for the ‘MWL’ (maximum weight loss) program, grains should be cut out. I do find myself snack on my homemade bread, probably more often than I should. Healthy? Yes, but veggies could easily be substituted instead of more grains. The weight swing doesn’t bother me, as I know when I start using P90 I will see more changes, not only in my weight, but energy as well as muscle tone.

Walking 30 minutes

Oatmeal with honey.
Decaffeinated green tea
Piece of whole wheat oat bread with honey

Couscous salad (using Israeli couscous)
Three bean salad

Eggplant Lasagna

Daily Synopsis
The eve of completion of the 12 day program and I have been excited to participate in it. Not sure my wife will say the same, but she has been introduced to some wonderful meals that will become a staple in our diet. I did receive my resistance cables in the mail and time permitting I will rearrange some furniture in living room to allow us to participate in the P90 work outs. It was back in 2003 I participated in P90 and kept with it for about 3 months, as best I could tell looking at my old account. What was most shocking…the ‘before’ photos I took of myself. Wow! I think my wife is ready to celebrate the end of the 12 days, but since I do all the cooking I will keep this sort of diet going forward for her, my son and most importantly, myself.

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