Bobwhite Patrol

Bobwhite Totem, fashioned after the bird with each member’s initials included in the drawing.

Welcome to Wood Badge W3-23-17! This is our patrol blog we have created called the Troop 1 – Bobwhite SQUAWK. Five adult leaders; Lisa, Praveen, Mike, Matt and Stephen with experience from Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing have been put into Gilwell order as the Bobwhite Patrol.

Each patrol member comes to Wood Badge with a diverse background and varying experiences as a scouting leader. We put forth our efforts as the Bobwhite Patrol, to create a cohesive unit, which values friendship, trust, freedom of expression, in order to work together in our journey. Our singularity as a cohesive allows us to work together in tasks places before us, as a patrol and troop, while “work our tickets” and creating individual mission statements and visions on the road to Wood Badge.

We will be posting our Wood Badge experiences and images outside of the Gilwell Gazette as we move forward with our training with our critter, Roberto Blanco, otherwise known as Robert White or Bobwhite.




NAME: Lisa Immel
UNIT: Venturing 222
POSITION: Associate Advisor
1 THING: Traveled to Gualala.



NAME: Praveen Nori
UNIT: Pack 841
POS: Den Leader
1 THING: Sergeant in National Cadet Corp



NAME: Mike Oravec
UNIT: Pack 21
POSITION: Den Leader
1 THING: Visited 49 of 50 states.



NAME: Matthew Schroeder
UNIT: Troop 100
POSITION: Assistant Scoutmaster
1 THING: I am a bike commuter.



NAME: Stephen Toumi
UNIT: Troop 93
POSITION: Assistant Scoutmaster
1 THING: I run ultra marathons.



To create Scout Spirit and unity within our patrol we are continuously come up with new yells and songs.

Patrol Yells:

  • Bobwhites. Bobwhites. SHOTGUN! BOOM! <all duck>
  • Big fat bodies, itty bitty heads! Bobwhites! Bobwhites!
  • <Predator name>! Bobwhites RUN!
  • Bobwhites Bobwhites leave no trace! Bobwhites Bobwhites win the race!

Patrol Song:

(In harmony, to the tune of “Barbara Ann”) Bob-Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White, Bob-Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White, Rockin and a rollin, Rockin and a reelin’ Bob-a-White, Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White!”

(In harmony, to the tune of “Barbara Ann”) Bob-Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White, Bob-Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White, formin’ and a stormin’, normin’ and perform’ Bob-a-White, Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White!”



09/15/17 – Day 1: Five individuals with diverse skills and vary experience levels came together yesterday. They called us, Bobwhites. Together we move forward setting our goals and visions as we work towards our Woodbadge.

Flanking our Patrol Leader, Praveen Nori, who we was voted in by the patrol based on his ingenious den yell when we were Cub Scouts. Flanked by Matt Schroeder, Assistant Patrol Leader, the patrol worked together with Stephen Toumi, Mike Oravec and Lisa Immel to fashion the patrol flag, den yell and Bobwhite totem.

For the team, it was a day of getting to know each other, in order to learn strengths and weaknesses. We felt we came together very well as the day progressed, as we competed as a team, showed enthusiam and Scout Spirit and most importantly, had FUN!

Day 1 Reflections

Mike Oravec and Troop Guide, Rand Mahoney rearranging the Bobwhite’s roost.

Roberto Blanco, otherwise known as Bob White, our critter for Wood Badge W3-23-17 at Camp Herms.

The Bobwhites, led by Patrol Leader, Praveen Nori playing the Who Me? Game.

L to R: Praveen Nori, Matt Schroder and Mike Oravec putting their best guess forward in the Whatsit Box!



09/16/17 – Day 2: After “forming” yesterday, the Bobwhites concentrated on “storming” and “norming” through our skills instruction, patrol meetings and inter patrol activities. Matt Schroeder took over as Patrol Leader, assisted by Mike Oravec.

Assigned the duties of the Program Patrol, Lisa Immel gave the days grace at meal time, as we led Troop 1 in song and yells throughout the day promoting Scout Spirit. We started with songs early at Gilwell Field after the flag ceremony as pictures were taken of each patrol.

The EDGE method was put to use learning how to set up and light a portable gas stove. Collectively the Bobwhites set aside personal fears and ranked our fears of the nation.

While our type ‘B’ leader attempted to derail our Front Wnd Alignment, the opinion from the Patrol remained united and worked together to score well. We excelled at the Zulu Toss achieving 5 balls among the 5 Patrol members.

Aftwr working planning our project for October, we put our talents together to build the SS Bobwhite, our rocket. The launch was a success, as our rocket successfully lifted off and returned to the earth.

We battles the Buffalo head to head in the Wood Badge Gameshow, coming up just 100 points short, 600-700. Well played by our tatanka friends.

It was another amazing day of camaraderie and team building, as identified by Scoutmaster Steve Laren.

The patrol would like to wish Robert White and his new parrot *aargh* wife, Pauline, health and prosperity.

Day 2 Reflections

Praveen Nori pinning the Patrol Leader patch on Matt Schroder during the morning flag ceremony.

L to R: Lisa Immel, Praveen, Mike Oravec and Matt Schroder working on the Bobwhites rocket.

Breakfast with the Troop 1 Bobwhites: L to R: Lisa Immel, Praveen Nori, Mike Oravec, Matt Schroder, Stephen Toumi, Troop Guide, Rand Mahoney.

Mike Oravec and his “manly pose” blowing the Kudu!

Bobwhites during pre-launch ceremony with our “scout themed” bottle rocket.


09/17/17 – Day 3: While the sun failed to shine during the Bobwhites flag ceremony, we shined as the flags were raised over Gilwell Field. Chaplains Aid, Lisa Immel provided the interfaith prayer as Day 3 was underway. Patrol leadership changed, as Mike Oravec stepped up as Patrol Leader, while Stephen Toumi assumed the Assistant Patrol leader role.

After Sunday morning’s interfaith worship, the Bobwhites met to work out details of their project and began moving forward of their individual vision and mission statements. With the assistance of Troop Guide, Rand Mahoney each member began developing their vision, in preparation for writing their 5 tickets.

The Bobwhites were stampeded by the larger critters during the obstacle course competition, but all patrols learned a valuable lesson about teamwork from the Senior Patrol Leader. A cord of rope was dropped early in the competition, but the team that followed that patrol failed to inform them they had lost their rope. It appears the the patrols are still following the “win all you can” as opposed to the “we all can win” line of thinking, telling us the troop hasn’t completely come together as a single unit.

Following the PLC and Chapains Aid meetings, the group watched the Disney file, October Sky, to demonstrate some of the leadership aspects being taught at Wood Badge. Homer Hickam gave the commencement address at West Virginia University in the spring of 1999. He urged graduates to develop a passion in their lives. To illustrate the importance of perseverance, he recited a line by Miss Riley from the movie: “You can’t dream your way out of Coalwood, Homer.”

As to look to our second weekend, the Bobwhites will look to persevere in order to accomplish our personal visions, as well as that for the patrol and more importantly, for Troop 1. We look towards our return to Camp Herms in October, where we can apply what we learned over our first Wood Badge weekend.

Follow all the Bobwhites experiences at

Signed Roberto Blanco

Day 3 Reflections

Lisa Immel giving one last blow on the Kudu, before passing it to the Fox Patrol.

Matt Schroder and Mike Oravec at the finish line of the obstacle course.

The Bobwhites working on their patrol presentation with Troop Guide, Rand Mahoney.

Troop 1 – Bobwhites (L to R): Rand Mahoney, Mike Oravec, Stephen Toumi, Matt Shroder, Praveen Nori, Lisa Immel.


09/18/18 – Away from Camp Herms, the Bobwhites have taken the first step during their 3 week break. Thanks in part our Patrol Leader, Mike Oravec, has sent each “B-Dubber” an invitation to collaborate, as we share files on Google Drive. Thanks to Praveen Nori, we are discussing ideas and thoughts using WhatsApp on our mobile devices. Thanks in part to our Troop Guide, Rand Mahoney, we are still working together to find a date to meet during our break from camp. Tomorrow we are looking to put together our first conference call. However with some good work put in on Day 3 at Camp Herms, we feel confident our project presentation will be a success when we return.

09/21/18 – The first week away from Camp Herms concluded with our first conference call, attended by all Bobwhites, as well as our Troop Guide, Rand Mahoney. We were able to hash out details for our patrol presentation, as developed by Patrol Leader, Mike Oravec, which had to be changed due to the time of day we would be presenting. Lisa Immel will be create “Bobwhite wings.” Their use? Just have to wait for the presentation, which we plan on filming. Each patrol member voiced their opinions and ideas as to how the skit should be performed. In the end, we feel we are on schedule to provide a great skit and won’t have to “wing it.”

We attempted to finalize our meal plan, as Praveen Nori took the lead on securing food for each meal we will eat. It appears we will be cooking most of the food at home and bring it the Dogpatch at Camp Herms, this will greatly decrease the preparation time, as much of our food will just need to be reheated.

The final piece of the call centered around vision and mission statements, as Praveen shared his, which centered around STEM. Rand Mahoney provided some additional emails, which would assist us moving forward. Most patrol members appeared to be on track with their 5 ticket items.

The Bobwhites are looking to meet once in order to prepare for the presentation and finalize all last minute details. We look to fly high when we return to Camp Herms in October!

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