The 6th Fright has grown in popularity and complexity over the 4 years I have been in charge. Altogether I have been involved all 6 years while my son has attended Vintage Parkway. This year, we are “going big” in an attempt to best what we built last year.  As has been the case the previous three years, when the lights went on there was a sense of frustration inside, but kids, parents and teachers really enjoyed the haunt. That is really all that matters, but this year I am looking for everything to ready before the harvest carnival, all the positions manned and guides ready to lead guests when the clock ticks down to zero hour.

I have taken what is the centerpiece of the harvest carnival, elevating it to a new level. Expectations on the soul who takes over (if anyone steps forward) will be quite high. Thankfully with what has been purchased and built over the last 4 years, this is really a turnkey operation that requires a bit of creativity to be successful. Remembering the target audience are elementary school kids, the haunt effects don’t have be extraordinary. Yeah, okay so I decided to go balls to the wall, pushing the envelope. Yet, not one parent complaint, the kids, some exiting in tears, love it. All the revenue generated goes to help the teachers educating our kids. It’s a win, win situation, one that hopefully isn’t in its final year.

Riding the success of the last 3 years, I am looking to go out on top with more scares and new features inside the haunt. Strangely enough, the design and layout are simple compared to what I’ve accomplished in the past. This coupled with clowns, coulrophobia, as well as claustrophobia will hopefully leaving a lasting impression on the school as I bid farewell at the conclusion of the harvest carnival.

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