This was the first year I took charge of the haunted house at Vintage Elementary School. I never thought I wanted to be “in charge” of the haunt for fear it would not live up the expects of the students and staff. I was very pleased with the end results and all the fun everyone had. I was quick surprised at the amount of props we had in the PTA closet to use. Yet with so much stuff, there were bags and boxes of old and unused props that we left out of the haunt because they didn’t fit in.

Like the previous years, we decided to build walls using PVC pipe, unfortunately this was one of the biggest cost points for the haunt. We bought all new 3/4″ PVC and built and all new layout on the stage of the auditorium. It was more complex than anything I had been involved with. We also decided to make all new haunts on the stage for guests.

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