Premier League: GW4 Retrospect Update

The scoreline will reflect a 3-0 victory for Everton over Sunderland with 3 goals in the span of 11 minutes for Lukaku. For me, starting and captaining Defoe, it was a risk that didn’t pay off. However he got me 4 points as a captain, which is 3 more points than I would of had with Hazard. How’s that for a positive spin on a bad situation?

The thought, although a fleeting one was to find that difference maker at captain, Lukaku was a great example of this in GW4. However with just 3 points through 3 weeks, I could not justify introducing him to my starting XI, especially over Costa and how well he had been playing. I was hoping for a goal from Defoe, but the chance never materialized and I missed out on by goal of 70 points, finishing GW4 with 56 points, which was still 17 points above the average.

Another green arrow and I am now in the top 135k with a value of 101.2! Currently first place in both the mini leagues I am, but well down the rankings in the Fantasy Football First league (363) and the Fantasy Football Geek (1269). Based off last year, this is a much improved start to the season.

With my WC already played, it’s time to figure my plan to reintroduce Aguero to the squad when his suspension is over. Reading some articles, one manager decided Aguero isn’t needed, captaining the likes of Ibra and Hazard over the course of the season, while spending elsewhere that 13.0 you would tie up in Aguero. The logic, while sound is something I won’t consider for my team. As long as Aguero remains healthy he is a “must start” and his ownership (like that of Ibra) reflect it.

The original plan to return Aguero to the lineup seems to have gone awry. The original plan was to drop Costa and Defoe for Aguero and Diamonde but I am now coming up 0.3 short, which means I might have to keep Defoe an additional week and drop Sterling to free up enough money. Shipping Sterling doesn’t bother me but could result in a -4 hit if I can’t find an acceptable plan before Aguero’s return. A bit surprise not to see Aguero’s price drop by 0.1 or 0.2. It might still happen, which would be helpful.