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ar50-logoTaking a break from reaming DeNova Homes for a day, I get to forgot about work, the new home and all those items on my need to do list and run 50 miles. Yeah, that’s right run…50 miles, a distance most people would only consider driving. For the second year, I will be participate in the American River 50 Miles Endurance Race, which starts at Brown’s Ravine Marina in Folsom and ends at the Auburn Dam Lookout, a course that I completed in 13:52:55, less than 8 minutes from the 14 hour time limit.

Much like last year, I come into the race, not running as much as I would have liked leading up to the start. I am sure many can lay claim to that, but mentally I am strong and I feel our strategy will pay off in the end and earn both of us a finishers medal. This year we have enrolled the services of Michael L, who will pace us from Beal’s Point (the midpoint of the race) to the finish line. Michael will be that nagging voice telling up to “man up” and “keep moving” if we want to achieve our goal.

Last year our 9:1 run/walk ratio worked well, but after participating in the 6 hour Razorback Endurance race last month, we have decreased that run time to a 4:1 ratio, in order to save our legs for the last 25 miles or more specifically the last 15 miles including the dreaded “Meat Grinder”, which literally had us walking 20+ minutes a mile through that section of the course. Up to that point we were doing well and feeling strong, well as strong as we could with Brian struggling with a twisted ankle and my experiencing sharp, shooting knee pain.

The 4:1 ratio sees us holding a 16 mile/min for the first half of the race, arriving at Beal’s Point in 6:33 (12:33 P.M.). Last year we hit this point in 5:45, but lost a considerable amount of time when we hit the infamous “Meat Grinder.” Sounds nice, huh? Injury and fatigue set in, but we were able to complete this technical portion of the course and hit the “slow rollers” up to the final aid station. Unfortunately Brian N. had to drop, as his ankle could not take any more. I continued on, struggled on the final climb, but crossed the finish with just under 8 minutes to go.

This year we will look to finish together with our pacer Michael L and shooting for a total time of 13:27. That’s 13 hours! I don’t even work that long but  I am looking very forward to getting out, relaxing, I know that sounds off and enjoying doing something I enjoy and not worrying about work, our new house or the laundry list of items I have on my STD list, or “shit to do.” Look forward to live updates through out the race on Saturday. Next report…THE FINISH LINE!

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