Midlife Crisis

keep-calm-it-s-only-a-mid-life-crisisAfter reading this article in the Daily Mail, I guess I am struggling with a midlife crisis that I never knew I was in the midst of. The “poll of 2,000 adults found that taking part in extreme sports and investing in high-tech gadgets were also indicators of reaching middle-age.” I agree with the quarter that called the term clichĂ©, but at age 42 I did decide to change my lifestyle and improve my health, but not because of a midlife crisis.

With the exception of my family, my health is the most important thing to take care of. At age 42 I realized I was being fed more and more medication for my ailments and after two knee surgeries I could no longer stay active playing soccer. I was feeling lethargic, sick and my weight had started to balloon to 216 pounds, tipping the scale at over 220 pounds at my heaviest. Something had to change, as I struggled with migraine headaches, joint and side pains with no relevant cause, Plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Age had started to take its toll and I was feeling terrible every time I threw back a handful of medication that wasn’t the answer.

More than a crisis, this was a period of enlightenment and I feel very fortunate that something inside me clicked and told me, “this is the right thing to do.” My doctor called my decision “extreme” and my wife thought it would just be temporary. Believe me, I would have killed to have this change happen in my mid-20s rather than my 40s, but I am thrilled it happened and I have embraced it for all it’s worth.

Now, two and a half years later after changing my diet, adopting a whole foods, plant based lifestyle I no longer rely on medication or my family doctor. My health is through the roof, so to speak and the blood work results support positive change in my life. It took just 10 months to shed 44 unwanted pounds, losing nearly 4 inches in my waist! More importantly my total cholesterol( TC), which was peaking at 264 in July, 2011 decreased to 130 just a year later. That’s a drop of 134 points, something my doctor had no answer for, especially when I told him it was accomplished without his medication.

Now, nearly two and a half years later I am more active than I have ever been because I have more energy and want to experience more things. I took up running last year and accomplished a half marathon under 2 hours in August, 2013. That race was a personal challenge to confirm everything I was doing. Yet that didn’t satisfy me. One month later I participated in my first Tough Mudder event. Talk about a great time and challenging yourself, while supporting an entire team. To date, nothing like it has compared!

After the half marathon my training was derailed due to shoulder surgery and I was not able to run the California International Marathon, which would have been my first. I decided to “think big” and go ultra. Just 2 months ago I participated in my first ultra event, running 31.7 miles across Mt Diablo in Northern California. What am amazing high, one that has me yearning to run longer and achieve greater.

Who needs a new sports car? I’d rather buy that for me wife, I am truly experiencing the best life has to offer now that I control my health and continue to push my body to new limits. I am living life as never before, setting new goals to achieve. At no time did midlife crisis ever enter my mind. If this is what one feels like it, then I am loving life.

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