Marathon in 2013?


“Why do you care about running a marathon anyway? What does it mean to you? How hard are you willing to work? What are you willing to sacrifice? Why is it even important and why does it even matter?”

262These are the questions I need to answer honestly before I jump in with both feet and plan on running a marathon. The past week I have been reading Marathon Roadmap: The Vegetarian Guide to Conquering Your First 26.2 by Matt Frazier ( Since I am already training for a half marathon in August I thought I would look ahead at what it would take to accomplish a marathon.

While I have been pretty excited about the idea, I selected the California International Marathon in Sacramento, CA on December 2 as my target race. Further reading of the ebook and discussion with a co-worker has me wondering if I am trying to do much too soon. I am in the 7th week of a 16 week program training for my half marathon. The marathon training program is approximately 24 weeks, give or take 6 weeks depending on your ability to put in 12-15 miles before considering a marathon. I fall on the low end, running just over 12 miles a week the last 2 weeks.

A co-worker, who is a marathoner, tri-athlete and avid bicyclist tells me to hold off on the marathon and complete the half marathon first before setting sights on the marathon. Currently my half marathon is set for August 3, as I hope to participate in the Summer Breeze Half Marathon. That gives me an additional 3 months to finish training for the marathon in Sacramento. Looking at both training plans, I can only assume I haven’t trained hard enough through six and  a half weeks to make the full marathon if I were to continue training for the half marathon.

If I were to scrap the plans for the half-marathon, I could ramp up my training to run in my first marathon. Right now, I will continue working towards my half marathon as my goal. If I am successful with the half marathon, I could potentially have training time to make the December 2 marathon in Sacramento. In the meantime, I will come up with answers to the questions I asked to start this post.