IF: Week 1

fasting_trainingIt’s called a “feeding window” for a reason. During this 8 hour period you will eat your daily allowance of food. The other 16 hours of the day you are fasting or not eating any food, but can supplement your eating with liquids, such as water with lemon or coffee (not that I will). I have been looking into the advantages of ‘IF’ for the past few weeks. Reading quite a few articles from different authors and hearing success stories from other individuals, as well as results that didn’t go as planned.

I feel this is a good time to give it a test run, so to speak as I have a physical on Wednesday for life insurance I am considering. Going back to Monday, my last meal was prior to 7PM. During my last meal I consumed about 1500 calories. Today, Tuesday it means I skip breakfast. Yes, I know you have heard the adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Consider this thinking outside the box and if I really want to, I could eat breakfast when my feeding window opens later today. As Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat explains, “you have 144 hours  of eating that you can play with  every week…there are no incorrect ways to eat.”

So now you are asking yourself, “what do you expect to gain from not eating for 16 hours. Let’s look at how I am organizing this. First the feeding window I decided upon is open from noon until 8PM at night. Right there, is usually when I get a bulk of my calories anyway. Sure in the morning hours I will miss out on  my cereal and oatmeal, possibly even a very early lunch if I am at work. From 8PM until 4AM I am sleeping (give or take 2-3 hours in the PM). That means there are only 8 hours while I am awake that I won’t eat. This isn’t “starving myself” nor is it to lose weight, but being my first time into this experiment I might drop a few pounds, but the intention it to lose fat while building lean muscle.

Since there are no hard and fast rules I will give this first round of IF a shot. As of May 1 I have started tracking my calorie intake again and it’s no surprise to see my diet dominated by carbohydrates (66%) with protein at 14% and fat at 8%. It will probably be 2-4 weeks following this plan, which will see me fast 3 times a week in conjunction with the days I lift weights. So let the experiment begin!