Death Isn’t an Option

Death isn’t an option. What does it take for individuals to realize something in their life needs to change when it comes to their health? I am sure many can relate to stories parents or grandparents living out their days, dying in a bed. That is NOT the way I want to live out my life. Unfortunately many won’t resolve to make changes in their lives to bring about a positive change in their lifestyle to improve their health and possibly extend their life.

It’s been about 11 months since I watched Forks Over Knives and made the decision to change my lifestyle. My blogging, in conjunction with posting and reading threads on Dr. McDougall’s Discussion Boards reaffirms the changes I have made to improve my quality of life. The question often arises, “What was that ah-ha moment” that made you realize you needed to change your diet? For me, it was the documentary and I can’t thank my co-work enough for turning me on to it.

Yesterday I received word that my gym partner of 6 months and co-worker for the last 6 years passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was admitted to the hospital on Friday and passed away yesterday. Not exactly sure what transpired over the weekend after he was admitted. He wasn’t exactly a spitting image of health, even though he was muscular and strong. He had been suffering from a heart condition for a few years.

At work, he was like many other co-workers in our office, not accepting my decision to cut out meat, dairy and oil from my diet to improve my health. As a weight lifter he was into his protein, either from meat or through the use of supplement shakes. His protein intake was considerably higher than the levels I chose to follow, opting of a more normal level, approximately 60 grams/daily. Only seeing him at work, I saw just a glimpse of how poorly he ate. Along with lots of red meats, it was a high volume of soda as well, coupled with the aforementioned protein supplements and shakes.

I am sure diet played a role in the final outcome, although I will never truly know. Obviously there were other underlying issues that contributed to the downfall and eventual death of a friend. Not sure any of my comments relating to diet ever got through to him, based on what I saw at work and his eating habits, nothing had changed.

Outside of work, we spent the last 6 months working out 3 to 4 times a week. Joining a sports club (aka gym), I was excited to add the exercise portion of a healthy lifestyle to my schedule, but was hesitant because I did not know how to use a gym effectively. This is where my buddy stepped in.  He helped me with basic moves and exercises designed to work specific body parts each session with lifted together. For those introductory knowledge I am very thankful I knew him and had a chance to work out with him.

As I said it’s an unfortunately situation and I am sadden at the loss of a friend and co-worker who leaves behind a son and daughter. This loss only strengthens my resolve that I have the correct choices in swearing off Big Pharma, eliminating unhealthy foods (meat, dairy and oil) from my diet and spending 3-4 days a week exercising. At no other time in my life have I felt as healthy as I have the last few months. I miss how I feel when I can’t get to the gym. Thankfully I have been very good and haven’t strayed fall on my newly developed eating habits.

Rest in peace Rob, you will be missed.

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