Frustration with Bank of America

There are not enough colorful adjectives to describe my level of frustration with Bank of America. I received mail from some department, from some fancy title holding employee regarding my loan. It was close to the first of August that I received the letter and took action by calling Bank of America.

Let me say there customer service is downright terrible. I guess this is to be expected by a bank…any bank these days. In a world where the customer is usually right, Bank of America has done nothing to assist me with paperwork and figures for my house. Again, I guess I set my expectations too high to think that when I need help, they would answer. Yet, when they want my money it’s phone calls and letters NONSTOP!

Back in January I finally attempted to get a loan modification and worked with the local customer service center in Elk Grove, CA. After a 2-hour meeting, what seemed like endless pages of paperwork followed by a 4 weeks waiting period. I received another nondescript letter telling me I was not behind on my home loan and there was nothing B of A could do. Yet, just a few days later I received another letter that said call them to discuss loan modification possibility. It’s a catch-22! The other thing I found interesting is that Bank of America considers a mortgage late if you are over 60 days!

This past week I have attempted to call 3 individuals, a customer relationship manager (from my letter), her manager and the manager above him. I have left 9 messages up until this morning. Until 10:45am this morning I had not received as much as a phone message. I spoke with 3 customer service type folks and NONE of them could provide me the information I was looking to obtain. They told me that the customer relationship manager was the only one who could provide me that information.

Today, I finally had enough with Bank of America. While yelling solves nothing, that’s what we tell our kids, right I lost it! It was loud, coloful and very obnoxious. Thankfully no one was around to hear my rant. I left scathing messages again, on 3 different voice mails. Each of these voice mails say they are here for me and will call me within 1 business day. This had yet to happen.

Then today, while at the gym this customer relationship manager called my home phone. Unfortunately nothing got clarified, as I was not home. So it’s back to playing phone tag with his woman, who seems to be the only person that can provide me answers. I attempted to call her back and surprise! I got her voice mail, I deemed it an emergency and got customer service. I fought with them for 5 minutes over the fact they did not need my Social Security number. I demanded a supervisor. This was a waste of time! I told her who I wanted to speak to and damned if she didn’t transfer the phone call back to her voice mail.

At that point I gave up. Done. Stick a fork in me, because the longer I pursued this on the phone the more pissed off I was getting at the lack of answers and more importantly the lack of customer service. Funny, but if I call B of A to get a credit card, wanna be they give me a line of credit? Yet when the foot is on the other shoe and they are looking to collect there are no answers, it’s all questions and they have failed to answer ANY of my questions the past 9 days.

In the end, I highly doubt they will provide me with satisfactory answers. I also have my doubts they will “work with me” in order to resolve my issues. If this woman does, I will be very shocked. Yet, I have still lost all faith in our banking system. I will be on the phone again, early tomorrow morning in another attempt to talk to B of A.