Starch is the Solution

As many readers to my site know, I now eat a plant-based diet and have been meat, dairy and oil free for just over 6 months now. I feel great and with the addition of exercise I am starting to see a physical change in my appearance. My blood numbers have dramatically improved as well because of this way of eating. All this in only 6 months, but saw initial weight loss in less than a few days. Is this lifestyle change for everyone? Yes it is, but it’s up to each individual to make the necessary changes that lead to a different mindset in order to be successful.

Before fully committing to Dr. McDougall’s, The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health I read the entire book and did quite a bit of additional research and discussion online that resolved many commonly asked questions. What was even better, I didn’t have to buy his book, as Dr. McDougall offers his 12-day program mentioned in his book for FREE! It even provides a condensed background into the research and details surrounding a starch based diet.

Just last week Dr. McDougall released a new book, The Starch Solution. I am only a chapter in, but I am enjoying his words of wisdom as it relates to a plant-based diet that centers around a staple in world civilization for thousands of years. Starch. This has been his platform for 44 years and how he promotes his healthy diet, which as I experience, is a change in lifestyle. Nonetheless the results have been amazing.

I believe in Dr. McDougall and his starch solution I am willing to make an offer to those who read this post. If you are interested, I will buy and ship you a copy of Dr. McDougall’s book, The Starch Solution. I have no pecuniary interests, just trying to assist others by spread the doctor’s good word on this road to health.

Many won’t take me up on the offer though. Having the determination and willpower to cut out meat, dairy and oil in your diet is seen as “extreme” by many people I talk to. Still, the results I have experienced in 6 months have been like nothing I have seen previously. So, if you are serious in changing your lifestyle and getting healthy I will back my offer to you.

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