90 Day Goal: Failed

On January 9 I started Dr. McDougall’s 12-day program with my wife and aunt. After completion of the program on January 21 I had made further improvements on my blood numbers, as well as my weight loss. At the conclusion, I set another 3 month goal, to get my body weight down to 175 pounds. As of today, now April 22 I am still 8 pounds shy of my goal. All things considered, I am not upset with this. But as many had written about previous on the McDougall Discussion Boards, the last 10 pounds are the hardest. I am now experiencing that.

I have identified those areas causing the 8 pound discrepancy. Topping the list, my dedication to a cardio workout. An area that will probably provide more benefits and resolve some of my other issues. Next would be the intake of those “empty carbs” from beer. I have cut my alcohol consumption back, but is it enough? That has yet to be seen. Finally my eating habits need to stabilize. Right now, I struggle with getting a balance of good meals though out the day.

When I added cardio to my health plan, I had the intention of walking 20-30 minutes 4-5 days a week while on lunch break at work. Unfortunately I am not always able to get that walk in due to job priorities. When I get home from work, cardio is nearly non-existent. Although, my wife wants to start walking in the afternoon, so hopefully together we can start a walking regime before dinner. I would like to add spinning or an elliptical to the cardio, but right now that might not be a possibility.

The beer. Oh the beer, how do I love thee? This continues to be my vice that I am trying to remedy, but with summer on the horizon and temperatures warming up I am struggle to grab anything other than a cold one from the refrigerator when working around the yard. I have been able to cut back the amount I drink on a weekly basis, but I am not sure if that reduction is enough. The problem with the beer is I believe it’s keeping my triglycerides (208) high. Beer “reduces the amount of the enzyme that breaks down triglycerides and spurs the liver to make more triglycerides” (source). Currently my alcohol habit equates to just under 1 beer a day per week, which is usually a 6-pack on my days off from work.

Outside of breakfast, I really haven’t establish good eating habits. I do eat when I am hungry, but usually the amount of food I eat isn’t enough to satiate me, so I find myself hungry a bit later with nothing to eat. Rarely do I eat out any more when I am at work, which isn’t a problem. The problem starts when I get home from work and start eating that afternoon snack, followed by dinner usually less than 2 hours later. So it seems I am probably eating too much in a short window followed by going to bed not more than 90 minutes after dinner is over.

With those issue, the rate of weight loss has slowed. Over the past 2 months, I doubt my weight of 183 has varied by more than +/- 2 pounds, which is a positive sign. Again, I don’t have to count calories or track my food with this way of eating. I have been doing for other reasons, so I can refer back to see what I have eaten and what possibly culprits I could have in my diet, if the triglycerides do not end up dropping to a healthy level.

So why I didn’t meet my weight goal I am still carrying a very positive attitude and outlook forward. This 90 day goal was nothing more than a checkpoint to gauge how I was doing. While the weight is still 8 pounds shy of where I want to be, I can look back and see that I am 33 pounds lighter than I was this time last year. Pending the outcome of my MRI, my next goal will be set for late September, as I wrote about yesterday.