Physical Therapy Begins

Let the physical therapy begin! It’s a day shy of a month since I injured my left knee playing soccer…yeah I know dear, you told me so…today was day the start of another physical therapy session in order to resolve the pain and strengthen the muscles around the knee. Depending on the injury, as I am quite confident it’s NOT osteoarthritis in the knee, I might end up back at the orthopedics’s office inside of 10 days.

I passed on the story and timeline of the injury and the subsequent doctor visits and the fact that no one touched my knee for more than about 60 seconds in the three different office visits I had. Today, the therapist pushed, poked and prodded for a go 30 minutes and is convinced there IS a problem, but to what extent I will have to wait and see. Part of the problem is continued swelling on the knee. Ice, heat, elevation and an anti-inflammatory are the prescribed remedy for the swell, but that won’t account for the pain and discomfort I am still in.

As we talked during our session, I made mention that the orthopedic surgeon spent no more than 5 minutes with me, never touching me knee and based only on X-rays diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. She had a good laugh and disagreed with his diagnosis. I went into more detail about how this injury feels the same as my 2009 ACL injury in my right knee, but the orthopedic seems to be dismissing any pain or swelling. Then again I am quickly losing faith in our medical system IF this turns out to be something more severe.

After about 45 minutes I was given a list of exercises in order to strengthen muscles around the knee. Most of the exercises caused pain to the knee (interior portion), but she told me to do a few sets of ten, if possible. I will be returning on Friday for another session. I am already having my doubts, not about the therapy but about how this entire process is playing out. The therapist said she would have liked to see an MRI, but I told her none were requested by the orthopedic, which only called his opinion into further question.

While I wasn’t happy with the orthopedics’s diagnosis, I think the therapist is siding with me that there IS a problem and hopefully her notes and input will help me get the situation the sort of resolution I am looking for.

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