Back to Basics

I’ve been frustrated recently while searching out more plant-based recipes for my new found lifestyle. It’s been challenging at times, outside of using the recipes found in the McDougall Newsletters or on the McDougall Discussion Boards (MWL and non-MWL, which means “maximum weight loss”), vegan and vegetarian recipes alike rarely make the grade. That’s not to say the recipes don’t look delicious, many do and would rival many non-vegan dishes.

Why? It’s the overabundance (at times) of fat in the recipes, from butters to oil and soy products and creams. As I wrote previously in my piece, Fat Vegan, sometimes eating this way isn’t any healthier. While my dietary guidelines are more strict, limiting fat intake to 10% a day I don’t see my way of eating above that of vegans. Based solely on recipes a plant-based, whole food lifestyle is more healthy when you cut out dairy, oils and meats that could promote disease, like arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

Thankfully I have already reaped benefits from this way of eating to reduce my susceptibility. I am determined to keep this lifestyle, as long as I put food on the table that my family enjoys, which reduces fats, cholesterol and those unhealthy ingredients, why shouldn’t I try? Thankfully we have a few staples we return week after week, but adding new dishes to the menu plan is always beneficial, but hasn’t been an easy task.

Maybe I am trying too hard to convert recipes to make them compliant with how I want to eat and how I would like to feed my family. Instead of looking for substitutes and experimenting with dishes (which is fun at times), I might look at staying with simple, easy recipes that Dr. McDougall and his wife, Mary talk about. I am already looking at The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook, which contains 300 plant-based recipes that should provide many good meals.

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