Coincidence?: Part V – The Referral

So it took two office visits, $30 and 8 days, but I finally got what I was after. Then again in my opinion I should of had that referral last Monday when I met with the nurse practitioner. Still the end result, which isn’t truly the end, more like the beginning because I will have to go through a similar process when I visit the orthopedic surgeon next Tuesday. This is the same doctor who operated on my right ACL nearly 3 years ago. Funny, but to this day the knee is still numb…

With the referral in my hand, I will have to give up going on vacation with my wife, son and mother-in-law. It was going to be my first visit to SoCal in 7 years! Hard to believe it’s been that long. I cannot put off the office visit with the orthopedic surgeon if indeed there is more to my knee injury. The nurse practitioner did seem pretty confident I had a torn meniscus, but still unsure as the severity of the injury to the MCL.

So today was a step in the right direction. We will see what happens next. I just find it really weird this playing out similar to what happened in 2009 when I tore the ACL. I am guessing the orthopedic surgeon will request an MRI, which will probably happen Tuesday of next week, followed by another office visit. Chances are IF surgery is required it will happen before the end of March. Fingers crossed we will see what he has to say next week