Coincidence?: Part IV – The Bullshit

My wife continues to tell me it’s due to insurance reasons, but I have my doubts. I called the physical therapy office today about 90 minutes later they returned my phone call, took some basic information and started the process to schedule some appointments. The first available appointment, April 3! That is three weeks away, what am I supposed to do in the meantime with a knee that continues to be a problem as described yesterday in Coincidence?: Part 3?

The moment after hanging up the phone with the PT office, I dialed the doctor’s office. I explained my situation and how the knee was doing. I explained that it would be next month before I could get in for physical therapy and if there was someone available to see me today. Unfortunately, maybe I should have pushed a bit more, the nurse practitioner, wasn’t available, but they would not have the doctor see me. Huh?

The reason was because the doctor was not the original physician to “treat” (which they didn’t) me last Monday. All I am trying to get out of this visit is an MRI and a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, someone who knows more about the true problem other than hearing “it’s a sprain, ice, heat and you’ll be fine in 6 weeks.” My body is telling me otherwise, yet nothing I have said or done seems to strike a chord with this doctor’s office.

I am set up with an unnecessary appointment (that will cost me $15) with the nurse practitioner, who will probably spend less than 5 minutes with me (again) and not provide me with additional information that I already don’t know. I would venture to guess they will be quick to prescribe medication. Way to go! Big Pharma to the rescue again. Pfft…not. Regardless of the outcome, I won’t get a definite answer on my knee until AFTER we get back from vacation (which starts Sunday). It includes a roadtrip to SoCal with stops at Disneyland and San Diego scheduled. That is one less week to recuperate IF surgery is needed to resolve the MCL issue. Unfortunately time on the books is not something I have a lot of. So the saga continues…