It All Starts Today!

To some I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to my lifestyle change in how I view food and what I choose to eat. Thankfully after 2-months of educating myself and reading up Dr. John McDougall, today January 9 I officially start my 12-day program to better health.

It’s not hard to say I have already seen results since October dropping 20+ pounds and losing an amazing 64 points on total cholesterol! While I haven’t consulted my physician on my changes, what could he say that would detract from these achievements in the span of less than 2 months?

Thankfully I had added a few people to come along with me on this journey, to what degree is up to them, not me. Having that moral support is always a nice thing to have and being able to prepare for more than 2 people making cooking more enjoyable. My wife has decided to challenge herself on eat as I have been eating since October. Not sure she is completely sold on the diet, but she has quite a few medications and internal problems (digestion, heartburn, etc) that I think could be resolved by diet alone.

My wife’s best and now my aunt have decided to challenge themselves as well. Just how successful they will be depends on them, not me. I can talk about the McDougall way of eating, but each individual must make the commitment. What do you lose? It’s only 12 days? If after that time frame you don’t think it’s made a difference, then go back to how you were eating, right?

Along with continuing to leave out meat, dairy and oil in my diet I have given up coffee and alcohol for this 12-day period. Who’s to say I won’t go back to having an occasional cup of coffee or a beer now and then, but those were the last two pieces I needed to cut out. I have no doubt I can make the 12 days and see a further improvement in my health.

Just to keep that “drive” going I have put together a ‘McDougalling‘ page, which can introduce some to Dr. John McDougall and his ideas, studies and concepts behind his way of eating. In conjunction with that I am making the effort to keep a 12 day journal. This is one of the recommendations when you start the program. Thankfully I am better now than I was at the end of October, but I still believe I will see results during this 12 day period. You can view each day of the program, starting with today, Day 1.

Included in each day will be an overview on my health, what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks throughout the day. I will also list what exercise I participated in and sum up the day with a synopsis.