Hello 2012!

I must be getting old since New Year’s Eve seems to come and go in the last few years with me, laying in bed or sleeping. My wife, son and I did go to a family friend’s house last night for festivities, but we didn’t even make it until the the stroke of midnight. If not for the fact I was rocking out with karaoke machine and not doing particularly well singing the Sex Pistols we would have been home before 11:00pm.

Nonetheless, hanging out with good friends with the kids in a safe environment was just as enjoyable as to being out at a NYE party, lit and knowing you won’t remember who you kissed at midnight. If I recall I believe I rolled over in bed last night and kissed my wife. See, shows you how much I remember and I had but a single beer and one scotch and water.

So now that 2012 is here I am looking forward to what the year brings. I don’t have any radical changes to set in motion. If you read my post from yesterday I am looking forward to continuing to see and feel success from the whole-plant diet I have been on since October, 2011. I did make some headway around the Bowflex Revolution in anticipation of starting my 30 minute workout.

Christmas is now officially over as I spent the better part of 2 hours putting away decorations, taking down the fake tree and removing the lights and items from the front yard. Not sure, but I can’t remember any prior year this was done so soon. So hello 2012, looking forward to a great year!