190! Feeling Good!

Some would consider my actions, “extreme.” Others would not think of changing their habits in order to improve their way of life. Some guys have verbally revoked my “man card.” The way people in the U.S. eat we continue to get more obese and rely on “big pharma” to rescue us. I had enough and have made a decision to improve myself on diet and exercise.

This is nothing new as I have written about this this before on my web site. One recommended movie, Forks Over Knives got me to “think different” as it relates to diet and how it’s linked to personal health instead of relying on doctors and medication to heal all.

As of yesterday I have lost 26 pounds since October 30, dropping another 9 pounds since December 1. I made it though Thanksgiving unscathed and not hungry. I don’t feel I missed out on tradition, was still able to eat mashed potatoes, bread stuffing and vegetables. Even gave up the pumpkin pie this season. My current weight stands at 190 pounds and the size 36 jeans I have been wearing for a few years are now about 3-4 inches too big!

While I still haven’t “officially” kicked off the 12-day program developed by Dr. John McDougall, I have already started reaping the benefits, as seen in the decrease of my weight. The true test will come Tuesday when I get my blood test and hopefully get a copy of the results a few days later. I am hoping for a 40 point drop in my cholesterol, which would put me at 196 mg/dL, just a few points above what is considered “healthy.”

While I haven’t set a weight goal my body, but having read recent articles in medical journals, Americans are only getting fatter. In a recent survey, “The average man now weighs 196 pounds; the average woman weighs 160 pounds. Both figures are 20 pounds greater than self-reported weights in 1990 (source).” I was reading a piece on the 1939 Rice Diet study and the “healthy” weight for a male was 160 pounds! Wow! That would be my weight when I left for college in 1987!

Still I am very impressed with what I have accomplished in nearly 2 months. Looking very forward towards the blood results and how I look, which should be an example of health come the end of January. I know this lifestyle change isn’t for everyone and it takes quite a bit of determination to stick with changes and not fall back to your “SAD” lifestyle.

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