Playing Out The Season

Last year I made it known on the FFS Forums that I threw in the towel at the conclusion of week 10 in the nfl season. This season has been a shamble at best, but unlike last year I felt much more confident about my team at the start of the season. The team I drafted was strong and well balanced, I liked the strength of the mid round picks that usually help make or break a team and thought I had selected some good sleepers. All thanks in part to being a member of Fantasy Football Starters.

I look back on my draft and still feel the team of players I assemble was a good group, so I won’t fault my failure as draft day. In hindsight there are always players you might have taken later, earlier or not at all. I can’t look on my draft that way. I feel I had a successful draft, but it’s been a strange year for player performances across the board. We can look to the lock out and CBA negotiations for much of what has transpired to date.

Unlike last year I have been more active through 6 weeks than I was all last year using the waiver wire, making 4 moves (total of $45) that has seen some return on investment. As of today, I done with the wire. My season, while not officially over for 11 more weeks is over. I won’t continue to contemplate wire moves because the total cost of a move won’t improve my team to a point of getting back in the race to be in the top three of total scoring.

I haven’t quit on my league, the other owners to my duties as the commissioner. Much like last year it will give me more time to tend to my league duties and spend on FFS (hopefully) helping others in their fantasy seasons. Luck continues to play a big part in what we do as a hobby and unfortunately none of that luck has been on my team.

It’s amazing the difference one week can make in fantasy football. Week 6 has taken it’s toll and left me with battered and bruised. As I look down my fantasy roster I am left with two healthy running backs, one of which is a rookie and the other lost their starting job. The QB position continues to carry my team, but “the misses” are not outnumbering the “hits” when it comes to players who are producing this season.

The key component that has been missing this year has been luck. It’s something no owner has control over, you can’t trade for it, or acquire it off the waiver wire. The prime example this season, drafting Cam Newton and leaning on him for good production since the start of the NFL season. So it’s been a short year and we have 11 weeks remaining, I still have 2 leagues I am involved in, but not as meaningful as the one I have managed for 28 years. We will see how those 2 leagues play out, as of right now those remaining teams are moving in opposite directions.

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