Fantasy League #3 Tonight

Tonight is my third and possibly final fantasy football draft, unless of course the group on the Fantasy Football Starters Forums need a 12th owner. In 28 years of fantasy football I have never played more than 2 leagues. It has only been the past 3 years I have participated in a league outside of the one I have managed since 1983.

I am playing with a group of guys I don’t know well, so I have no idea to what degree they know football. The league commissioner is the friend who invited me and I helped him set the league up. It will be a 12-team Yahoo league, non-standard Yahoo scoring though. We will draft 16 players and start 10: QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/2 FLEX/K/DST.

I have already ranked my players using FFS and am deciding on what strategy I am going to employ. I will probably bring a few with me, including my standard draft strategy, which builds a balanced team with RB/WR/QB in the first three rounds or the more unconventional WR/WR/WR, alternative draft strategy, which I believe I implemented very well in my work league. I discussed this strategy at length a few days ago.

This will also be the first time I participate in a league with more than 10 owners. A 12 team league. That might sound a bit odd considering I have played fantasy football for 28 years now. But it has really been the last year and a half now I have a renewed enthusiasm for fantasy football. 28 seasons can get a bit long in the tooth, so to speak. We have updated rules, added teams, introduced the waiver wire, but it wasn’t until I joined FFS last June, 2010 that I was excited about the upcoming season.

That excitement has carried over to this season, as I am staring at possibly 4 leagues to participate in. Maybe it’s the fact that I am able to share the knowledge and insight I have gained over those years playing fantasy football that makes it fulfilling. I am only 2 years removed as champion in my league, the TFL and based on the draft of last month I have a strong team that should be able to compete and challenge for the trophy.

Regardless of what happens, playing in multiple leagues will allow me to use different strategies and combine players in ways that are outside my comfort zone. I would like to think the draft tonight will be one in which I excel. As mentioned I only know one of the guys real well and his teams last year were not all that competitive. Then again I did not make the playoffs in my league, but ended up blowing out all the owners in my work league.

As with any year I consider it a successful year if I am able to take something new away from a league. This year looks to be interesting since I was able to employ a new draft strategy. I also believe I will be able to compete in both the leagues I have already drafted in. We will soon see.