I’m Hungry!

On the heels of being told my LDL (bad) cholesterol is high by my doctor I am rethinking how I cook. Gone, but not completely forgotten are some of the recipes that taste wonderful, but are extremely high in cholesterol. My problem really doesn’t stem my cooking habits. I am conscience of what I use when I cook, but I believe the problem is when I eat at work.

Being located in downtown Oakland, next to Chinatown it’s been real tempting to not pack a lunch and take a walk to the many sidewalk restaurants that make up the district. Of course some of the favorite foods I eat are fried. Not sure I really want to know just how bad many of these foods are, but they are delightful.

As I sit here typing, the stomach is rumbling just thinking about some of the foods I will have to eat less of. Anything in moderation is okay, the doctor even said, make these foods the exception now, not the norm. While easier said than done it will take few weeks to start working on new dishes that will delight and taste good, while cutting down (and out) some of the things I should not be eating.

Even flipping through a magazine like Cooking Light many recipes may be low in certain nutritional values , like calories or fat, but I have noticed “cooking light” does not necessarily mean low cholesterol. A vegan lifestyle is highly unlikely, but taking the occasional recipe from this form of food preparation is a possibility. I found an entire list of healthy vegetarian Curried recipes at Cooking Light for starters. I’ll start preparing more fish, along with skinless chicken and some pork. Hopefully in 8 weeks I will see a drop in the LDL count.

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