Sorry TSA

In a follow up to the piece I posted titled, Above the Law there is a news story out Denver regarding Yukari Mihamae, 61, who is being hailed as a “hero” after groping a TSO last week in Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix. It’s probably a case of the MSM sensationalizing the incident in labeling her a “hero” I don’t agree with her actions, but I don’t disagree in her reaction to one of the pervasive and intrusive pat-downs the TSA calls routine and “professional.”

I believe the TSA is wrong in calling it a “sexual abuse” case, when they engage in abusive type pat-downs on a daily basis. Unfortunately some sheeple in this country beleive it’s okay for the department to go to whatever procedures it needs to “in the same of security.” One comment from this story, “I don’t think you should be able to put your hands on anybody, especially somebody who is trying to perform security,” Mike Garcia, of Brighton, said.

In a follow up to this story the TSA the charges have been dropped as “county prosecutors concluded the facts of the case don’t rise to the level of a felony.” Sorry TSA better luck next time when you are touched inappropriately. “The TSA agent also didn’t meet the qualifications of a law enforcement officer, which would have triggered a charge of assaulting a police officer.”

Of course the TSA reiterated that it won’t tolerate assaults on its employees, but will continue to violate your Fourth Amendment rights in the name of aviation security.

(source – AZ Central)

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