4th of July, 2011

Probably one of the more enjoyable 4th of July days I have in many years…well dating back to the early 2000 when it was spent ferrying friends to Laughlin, Nevada for a 3-day celebration. But that is in the past and today was quite enjoyable and relaxing. Sure, I had to work until 2pm, but festivities were just kicking off by the time we arrived at our friends house just down the road.

My son, Zoom (aka Zachary) was all excited to get in the pool. While he has still not officially rolled in swimming lessons, I decided to give him a few of my own. I grew up with a pool and had lessons, so I feel as if I am still a strong swimmer. Just two days ago he was in the pool and it was all we could do to get him off the steps. Today was a completely different story. We could not get him out of the pool, as he was floating around in the shallow end, just touching the pool floor with his toes. It was great to see the jubilation in his eyes and cries of happiness.

Aside from that, we spent the afternoon with our friends who are only about 5 minutes down the road. As expected they had family over, but their family KNOWS how to cook. We ate very well, as is typical and drank more than our fare share of alcohol. I only made one Michelada, but continued to down Corona until the sun went down.

Not sure why…but my wife and her friend (the hostess) and her mother and aunt sat in front of the DVD player watching X-Men. Not why this trilogy suddenly because an interest, but they were enjoying themselves, as was I. Who was I to complain?

The food, as I eluded to earlier was outstanding. Dips and appetizers, salads and side dishes to go along with the main course of pork riblettes and turkey burgers. I chowed down on two burgers and countless ribs. It was a great rub that was applied to the ribs. Maybe a bit salty, but still very tasty!

Hopefully all my friends through out the US had a wonderful (and safe) 4th of July. Still glad to have gotten off work early enough to enjoy time with family and friends and celebrate what the 4th of July stands for.