Change in Molestation Policy

You hypocrites! Not that calling out the DHS/TSA or Big Sis is actually going to change anything, except make me feel better for venting. Today we see TSA changes pat-down procedures for young kids. This after numerous videos of young kids being molested at airport security checkpoints. The most telling video came out this past April, when a 6-year girl was caught on video being molested, as the parents stood by and watched. About 10 days later the backlash continued and Big Sis said the pat-down was “done professionally according to the protocols.

With all the outrage, the policy seems to have shifted, “Airport security workers will now be told to make repeated attempts to screen young children without resorting to invasive pat-downs” (Source). While it won’t make the pat-down molestation obsolete, we should see a decrease in the number of young kids being touched inappropriately.

The concern for the U.S. Government is the use of children as suicide bombers, which is rather commonplace in countries outside the U.S., but has not be used in attack on this country. Pistole said, although that hasn’t happened in the U.S. “We need to use common sense,” he told lawmakers. Something the DHS/TSA don’t use when it comes to screening procedures. Maybe the entire department should review their policies and program. But as we know, common sense it’s always so common.

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