TSA Says No to Texas

As I wrote about last week in Pat-Down Ban?, Texas passed legislation making the TSA security pat down molestation and groping illegal ni their great state. Unfortunately this was really only a minor and temporary victory for us commoners as Big Sis seems to be raising the iron fist to crush change.

While not a support of the TSA, you can read Blogger Bob and his response to this legislation proposed by the Texas House of Representatives. I am quite sure he is nothing more than a mouthpiece (yes man) for the TSA, which isn’t too surprising. Give the TSA a blog and make them a part of the “social networking” community.

While I commend the great state of Texas and applaud them for going after the TSA, I believe in the end, the law of the land under The United States Constitution will prevail. I do not agree, nor have I every approved of the continued “police state” method being carried out by TSA agents in airports through out the United States. Scare tactics if you ask me. As for the Article. VI. Clause 2 cited by the TSA:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

So basically regardless of how the legislation is voted on in Texas, it will be trumped by what is already in place at the Federal level. Hmmm. I think it’s time to go back to states governing themselves because the U.S. Government sure the hell isn’t doing a good job…well they are doing a fantastic job running it into the ground (regardless of what party is in control). But I am moving off topic. Back to the Nazis…err…TSA.

It’s funny how we can spin statistics to make them favor our position and strength our stance. After patronizing the reader the TSA claims “less than 3% of passengers receive pat-downs.” What they don’t tell us, is out of that 3% how many were actually a terrorist or had some sort of plan to blow something up? Yeah, just what I thought, no numbers.

Their claims go on to state that if you “opt out” of the AIT (Advanced Imaging Tecnology) machines or are “part of our random, unpredictable security measures.” Random? Is this why we see a 45-year old Caucasian being groped, maybe a 6-year old girl being molested? I will give you THAT is random, but I feel not “good security.” I support random, when done like it is outside the USA, especially in Europe when it comes to security.

I feel it would be much more effective to racially profile. Fuck the ACLU! The can keep their dirty hands and opinions out of this. We all know the ethnicity of the supposed 9-11 hijackers. No reason we should not be driving this point home, even if the plot was carried out by agents of the U.S. Government.

There have been some stories especially out of the Middle East of terrorist organizations using children and infants as bombs and bombers. But to train TSA agents in the art of molestation, is wrong. They claim, “Children 12 years old and under who require extra screening will receive a modified pat down.” Of course there are no details on what the modifications and they “work with parents to ensure a respectful screening process.”

Sorry as a parent I would be outraged if my 5-year old son was randomly selected. I would not let it happen, if that means physically harming a Federal agent, then so be it. I know I am wrong and it would probably get me tossed in jail. The only other, more “respectful” solution would be to cancel whatever travel plans we had and leave the airport. Yet we have seen in previous cases that doesn’t always go smooth either. Read Pliot Refuses to be Seen Naked.

The TSA also states s a “0.0004% of received complaints” (898 complaints)from travelers between the periods of November 2010 and March 2011. This figure out of some 252 million people who were screened. Unfortunately for use becoming outraged or outspoken will only lead the TSA to look upon us as domestic terrorists and put us in a “high risk” category. This has already been mentioned by the TSA in April (read story).

So for those still willing to travel by air, you are in a no win situation. While I still consider air travel the most efficient way to get to a destination, the problems and red tape that go along with getting from your car to your airplane are something I don’t want to deal with. Unfortunately, the situation won’t get better before it gets worse. Toss in a false flag at one of the nation’s airports and the U.S. Government will implement more stringent rules to keep the skies safe and the flying public scared.


2011 Top 10 RB Rankings (Early)

This is the third and final installment of the early top ten list for the upcoming season for the running back position. I have taken a look and listed my top ten at the quarterback and wide receiver position. Some of these players could potentially move up or down depending on schedule and the possibility of a rookie making an impact.

Albeit a bit late I take a look at the top ten running backs for the upcoming season. Just like the QB position I looked at their 2010 statistics, ranking them based on total fantasy points, yards, receptions, TDs, rating and their strength of schedule for 2011 based off 2010 records (courtesy of ESPN).

Foster, Arian: Break out year in 2010, with a healthy offense, no reason Foster won’t keep producing big numbers.
Peterson, Adrian: Consistent and still one of the best. He needs a QB in order to make him even more effective. No way do I pass on ADP.
Turner, Michael: Numbers down a bit in 2010, but if he is healthy, ATL has one of the best offensive lines and he will put up some good numbers.
Johnson, Chris: The QB issue worries me, as CJ is talented, but not sure all his talent can make up for 8 stacked in the box.
Charles, Jamaal: Better of the duo in KC, would love to see him get 250-300 carries, should put up more TDs in 2011.
Mendenhall, Rashard: Put together a solid 2010, but there is the potential for a let down post Super Bowl. I still like him in 2011.
Jackson, Steven: A durable runner/receiver who is very productive. Now he needs to find the end zone more.
McFadden, Darren: Big performer in 2010, always loses some games to injury, need 225-250 carries to put up similar numbers in 2011.
Green-Ellis, BenJarvus: Busted out in 2010 as an unknown and with Brady and the Pats offense should put up some solid stats.
McCoy, LeSean: This kid does it all out of the backfield, but sometimes is lost in the shuffle with all the talent on the offense.

Here are those who just missed out on the top ten list after being ranked, but could finish higher than their current position.

Bradshaw, Ahmad: He’s a FA, but as a Giant will split with with Jacobs, still could break 1000 yards in 2011.
Benson, Cedric: Unimpressive and inconsistent 2010 season, with questions at QB, Benson could end up suffering a decrease in stats.
Jones-Drew, Maurice: Came on late last season, was a bit short on TDs, but some good yardage. Knee surgery during the off season we’ll see how he looks in training.
Rice, Ray: Solid yardage, but lost out on the TDs to McGahee. I like Rice to bust out in 2011 with no one bogarting his TDs.
Forte, Matt: All or nothing for Forte last year, now past the sophomore slump, I expect more consistent numbers.
Hillis, Peyton: Injury to Hardesty gave him his shot and he capitalize. A healthy Hardesty cuts into Peyton’s production.

As with my other lists, there are names missing and players would could potentially move into the top ten. I believe Knowshon Moreno has the talent and offense (if Orton remains QB) to be a top ten player. Right now with question marks at QB, he doesn’t make this list.

I have no doubt Frank Gore will return from his hip injury in full fitness and potentially be a top five RB. But after missing a portion of last season I am not including him right now. LeGarrette Blount should be the main RB in Tampa Bay in 2011 and his stats should see a bump with the Caddy not parked, not playing a major role. Might be an outside candidate for the list, but I think he needs another full season, we’ll see.

Other notable players not listed, but could have some sort of impact; whoever rushes the ball in GB, be it Ryan Grant, James Starks or Brandon Jackson. All signs point to Grant who could return to prominence. Brandon Jacobs came on stronger in the later part of 2010, could get a good bump is Bradshaw departs NY. Lastly, Ryan Torain of Washington was a pleasant surprise last year with Portis done with the Skins, Torain will carry a bulk of the work.