2011 New England QSO Party

Contest: New England QSO Party
Date: May 7-8, 2010
Mode: Mixed
Period: 2000Z, May 1 to 0500Z, May 7 and 1300Z-2400Z, May 8, 2010

15 / 4 / 8
20 / 22 / 19
TOTAL: 26 PH / 27 CW QSO / 28 Mults
SCORE: 2240 (TIME ON: 4 H 36 Mn)

SOAPBOX: The NEQP was one of the other two contests (7QP & InQP) taking place during this weekend. Most importantly, I improved by 51% over my 2010 totals. I expected a bit more on 15M, making only 12 QSOs. But it seemed 20M was a much stronger band on both CW and SSB. Running low power I had no problem being heard by the New England states.

I did put in about 2 hours more in the NEQP than I did in 2010, but I did not return on Sunday to finish up the contest. I knew this going in that I would get a portion of the start of the contest and would miss out on the low bands when the sun went down. Still I saw improvements across the board and most importantly had a great time participating. Look forward to the 2012 NEQP and putting in more time to make more QSOs.

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