2011 Indiana QSO Party

Contest: Indiana QSO Party
Date: May 7-8, 2010
Mode: Mixed
Period: Starts 1600 UTC Saturday, ends 0400 UTC Sunday

15 / 1 / 0
20 / 4 / 5
TOTAL: 5 PH / 5 CW QSO / 7 Mults
SCORE: 112 (TIME ON: 4 H 44 Mn)

SOAPBOX: Together with the 7QP and the NEQP, this made up a great contest weekend. Unfortunately for me it also seemed that the majority of my activity in the INQP happened within the first 90 minutes because after 1830z I only had 3 QSOs.

While I don’t remember the solar conditions, I am guessing that 15M and 20M both went long, which which gave me better conditions to the East Coast, but very little within the skip zone. Either way, I did increase my total QSO count by a single QSO over 2010, while the multipliers remained the unchanged. I did note some stations I worked last year I did not hear this year in the 4+ hours I was spinning the dial on 15/20M.

All in this is a nice contest to work in conjunction with the other weekend. Many Q’s to be had, unfortunately it was not as good as I had anticipated. I will return in 2012 to participate again.

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