Activation: It feels so good!

*sigh of relief* Yes, that is a sigh you hear, after a few additional weeks attempting to purchase a Blackberry online using EBay, I have activated my $.99 Blackberry 8330 Curve this morning. I have had nothing but problems and complications with the Android based Droid X since I purchased it last November. In defense of Verizon, I did not push them to replace the phone, but their troubleshooting didn’t consist of anything more than a soft or hard reset, which were allegedly the solution to the problem.

As I posted last week in Mobile Scam on their recommendation I should purchased a used mobile device since I refused to pay their asinine prices in the store. So I found a seller who sold me a $10.00 Blackberry 8330 Curve. Unfortunately the ESN had been reported and the mobile device was nothing more than a brick. Thankfully I was refunded my $15.99 (shipping included).

Late last week I found another Blackberry 8330 Curve for $.99 and put a maximum bid of $10.00 in. I won the EBay auction for $.99 plus $5.99 for shipping. Upon receiving the phone I found this device too, had an ESN still that was still active. I contacted the seller, who responded to me in a timely manner and after 2 days the active ESN was resolved.

I was able to active my new (used) Blackberry this morning and the Droid will now be sold. I will wipe it clean of my data and information, but never again will I be conned into purchasing this sort of device. I blame myself for the poor decision to purchase a Droid. I should have paid better attention to users who had issues with the smart phone as opposed to all those raving about what it CAN do. Then again, that can be said of many sites that offer reviews.