Done with Droid!

As reported last week, “Droid Doesn’t” for me. I am through with these new do all phone that are damn near more powerful than my aging laptop. By far there is too much on these smart devices that I don’t need and won’t use. Unfortunately, my plan came back to bite me in the ass.

I won an EBay auction for a Blackberry 8330 Curve, which was the mobile device I had before it met it’s fate against a wall. I spent $10 on the winning bid and another $5.99 for shipping. When I took the phone to Verizon for activation, I was told the ESN (electronic serial number) had an open claim and the newly acquired device could not be activated (read: Mobile Scam).

Thankful the company I purchased the Blackberry from sent me an electronic RMA (return merchandise authorization) and I sent the phone back. Just this past weekend I won another Blackberry 8330 Curve for $.99 and $5.99 shipping. $6.98 out the door and the phone should be here before Friday. Will I get what I paid for? Another device with a dirty ESN? We will see. Hopefully not, but anything is possible.

I believe the most upset person out of this entire deal will be my 5-year son, Zoom who will lose the ability to play Angry Birds by Rovio.