QSO Party Triple Header

This weekend is a triple header QSO party weekend, as the 7QP, Indiana QSO Party and New England QSO Party are all on the air. I participated in all three for the first time last year and had a a great time in just about 8.5 hours. The main focus was the 7QP and when I came across someone calling from the other two parties, it was just as simple to give them the RS(T) + CA. Made for a wonderful afternoon participating in all three at one time.

I am looking to work about 12-14 hours, on and off in the 7QP. I probably won’t make the later hours of the 7QP because of work on Sunday morning, but working from 1300z until 0200z. My goal for 7QP is to improve on my 99 QSO / 50 MULT effort in 2010. The goal for 2011 is going to be 200 QSO between CW, SSB and DIG and 100 MULTs. This year, like last year it will be a low power effort.

As for the Indiana QSO Party I only made 9 QSOs with 7 MULTs, so increase my final score of 105 total points should not be too difficult. Again, hopefully I can make 30 QSOs this year with 15-20 MULTs. Finally, the NEQP yielded 36 QSO / 21 MULTS last year, I figure we will have some good propagation to the East Coast. Unfortunately based on the 2010 NEQP results it does not look like a submitted a log last year. I assume my score will also be higher this year. Results for both of these QSO parties will be dependent on working for than about 2-3 hours, which is what I participated last year.